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5 things we want to see on the Rams 2024 schedule

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By: Blaine Grisak

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The Rams find out their schedule on Wednesday and this is what we want to see on it

While it has been known who the Los Angeles Rams will play in 2024 since the end of the season, when they play has yet to be decided. The NFL schedule release will be on Wednesday, meaning we finally will know the order in which the Rams will play their opponents and how many primetime games they will receive. When you play a team during the NFL schedule can make a huge difference. Had the Rams played the Cincinnati Bengals later in the season last year, they would have gotten a team without Joe Burrow. The Pittsburgh Steelers are another team that ended up with their backup quarterback later in the year, not to mention they were coming off of a bye week. Here’s a wishlist for the Rams 2024 schedule.

1. Get the Buffalo Bills Early

The Rams are scheduled to play the Bills in 2024 for the first time since Week 1 of the 2022 season. In their first game after winning the Super Bowl, the Rams lost 31-10 to the Bills and seemingly collapsed in the second half. For the past five years, the Bills have been one of the NFL’s best teams. Had the Kansas City Chiefs not been in their way, we might be talking about Buffalo as this generation’s dynasty team.

With that said, the Bills are entering somewhat of a re-tool year. Stefon Diggs was traded to the Houston Texans and the safety duo of Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde were also let go. Tre White was released from the secondary. This is a team that could struggle to find their footing within the first four to six weeks of the season, much like the Rams in 2023. The time to play the Bills will be early while they are the most vulnerable.

2. Travel to Chicago Before Mid-November

The NFL has seemingly loved to schedule the Rams in cold weather games over the past few years. Los Angeles traveled to Green Bay each of the last three years in the regular season and that game was scheduled in November every time. The Rams lost all three of those games, including a fourth in the playoffs.

That’s not to say that the Rams can’t win a cold weather game, but playing the Bears who are a playoff hopeful team when it’s not 20 degrees with a windchill in the single digits, would obviously be beneficial. Between the weapons on offense, this could also end up being a game with high scoring potential. Better weather should also end up with a more exciting game. The Rams will take road games against the Jets and Patriots late in the year over a November or December trip to the Windy City.

3. Schedule Miami Late in the Year

Again, sometimes when you play a team matters and that seems to be the case for the Dolphins. The Dolphins started 8-3 in 2023 before winning just one of their final six games. Tia was hurt for some of that, but it’s still worth noting. Again, they started 9-3 last year before winning two of their final five games and finishing 11-6. Their season ended with a 26-7 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wild Card round after they choked away their lead in the AFC East.

The Dolphins are a team that haven’t shown that they can play November and December football under Mike McDaniel. Injuries have been a reason for that, but not the sole reason either. Getting this team late in the year when the Rams hopefully find their identity and the Dolphins start their late-season spiral would be a good thing.

4. Better “Rest” Luck and Mid-Season Bye Week

The Rams had one of the worst disadvantages last season when it came to a rest advantage. They played four teams coming off of their bye week last year and went 1-3 in those games. Had Pittsburgh not been coming off of their bye, could the Rams have beaten the Pittsburgh Steelers last year? It’s something worth considering.

Hopefully that evens out this year, but things like rest matter, especially late in the year. If the Rams can avoid four teams coming off of their bye, that would already be better scheduling than 2023. The Week 10 or Week 11 bye also seems to be the sweet spot and it’s a good place for the Rams to see what is and isn’t working and adjust accordingly. If the Rams can avoid a Week 6 bye and get one later in the year, that would also be beneficial.

5. Detroit on Thanksgiving

Last season, the Rams only had two primetime games. After returning to the postseason, that number should go up in 2024. However, one thing that will be in the cards this year is playing on Thanksgiving. The Rams haven’t played on Turkey Day since 1975 which is the longest drought in the NFL. If the drought is going to end, this seems like it could be the year. Honestly, it will be a missed opportunity for the NFL to not schedule this game on Thanksgiving.

The Rams are set to play the Lions in Detroit this year and after last season’s wild card game and the recent history between these two teams, it makes sense for that game to be in primetime. Given the Rams’ Thanksgiving drought, it makes even more sense for that game to be on the special football holiday. The Lions have also lost six of their last seven games on Thanksgiving.