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All Roads Leading to Rome for Cardinals?

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By: Walter Mitchell

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Love for Rome can be built in a special day at the NFL Combine

This past week, I have been putting extra time into assessing this extraordinarily deep WR class, and with each passing day, the more I learn, the more I watch and the more I listen, the more impressed I have become with Washington’s Rome Odunze to the point of being enamored.

There is just something extra special about this Husky.

He’s like the Budda Baker of wide receivers.

He leaves everything he has out on the football field.

He takes special pride in all aspects of his assignments.

Some pundits are comparing his approach to the game akin to Larry Fitzgerald’s.

I can see why.

Rome was #1 in 2023 FBS in pulling down contested catches —- with 21.

Some pundits are comparing Rome’s home run ability to Ja’Marr Chase’s.

I can see that too,

Rome was #1 in 2023 FBS in deep catches (23) and yards (753).

Check this out:

That’s 17.8 yards per catch.

Here’s PFF’s player comp:

Humble Husky:

Like Budda, Rome Odunze is humble and very well spoken.

I went and watched a few interviews given by all of the top WRs in this class.

Rome, by far, was the most articulate, fully-engaged and charismatic.

Bob McManaman of Arizona Central interviewed Rome Odunze a couple of days ago.

I asked Bob Mac on social media whether he found Odunze impressively articulate and charismatic.

Bob tweeted in a word:

See for yourself:

When asked by Mike Florio and Chris Sims why he chose to fully participate in the NFL Combine, here is his response:

3-Cone Competitiveness:

This is a testament to RO’s commitment to excellence and goal-setting.

Up to this point I was wondering why the Huskies didn’t run RO more from the slot and whether the slot might be a featured part of his game in the NFL.

A Husky contact I asked said that RO could dominate from the slot, it’s just that the Huskies had two very good slot WRs in Ja’Lynn Polk and Jalen McMillan who were not as dynamic on the perimeter as RO.

With this stellar 3-cone achievement, there is no doubt in my mind whether RO can win from the slot in the NFL, when asked, like Fitz was by Todd Haley and Kurt Warner.

The key thing is, RO is eager and willing to do whatever his coaches and his teammates want him to do. That’s RO’s most important goal is to be the ultimate team player.

Question is —- are MOJO going to stand on the table for RO?

Last week, I had a hunch with the Cardinals heading into the Combine:

I am beginning to believe that Rome Odunze could very well be that guy.

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