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Broncos schedule leak: Denver’s full regular season schedule leaked apparently

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By: Tim Lynch

Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Welp, there goes the fun and anticipation of a schedule release. Leaks are fun, but full schedule leaks are not. Oh well!

The Denver Broncos have apparently had their entire regular season schedule leaked early. Looks like it backs up a lot of what has already leaked and just two prime time games for a team that hasn’t had a winning season since 2016 does make sense. Plenty to unpack here, but more on that later!

While I love schedule leaks, I dislike full schedule leaks. It’s more fun to see a few games leaked and wait for the full schedule reveal later that day. Unfortunately, we’re fans of one of the teams that went for the full schedule leak instead. By my tracking, that makes them the fifth team to have their entire schedule leaked early today.

What are your early thoughts on this schedule — if it turns out to be accurate? Share in the comments sections below.

Disclaimer: These are all UNVERIFIED schedule leaks. Don’t be surprised if some of these end up being wrong. We’re sticking with reasonably vetted sources, but even those in that category get some of these early schedule leaks wrong.

Originally posted on Mile High Report