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Browns offense in 2024 will be about players, not systems plus more motion

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By: Jared Mueller

Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

While Kevin Stefanski’s press availability isn’t full of intel, he made it clear what he expects from the offense

Not shockingly, we don’t know who will call plays for the Cleveland Browns in 2024. With Ken Dorsey replacing Alex Van Pelt as the team’s offensive coordinator, it is possible that HC Kevin Stefanski would give up play calling. He did not do it for Van Pelt, who now has that power in New England, but Dorsey is a new voice in the room.

The general belief is that Dorsey’s strength is in designing plays while Stefanski’s strength is as an in-game play caller but that doesn’t mean the Browns will see it that way.

In our NFL Combine Day 1 piece, we noted that there were some concerns that Stefanski’s structured system would struggle to fit with QB Deshaun Watson. During his media availability at the Combine, Cleveland’s head coach talked about he and Dorsey focusing on what the players do well as their highest priority:

Throughout the session, Stefanski noted the importance of evolving by learning about where the league is, the rules, the team’s players and what has worked in the past:

When discussing Dorsey, Stefanski noted a number of times how important his experience as a quarterback in the league and within multiple systems as a coach was. The Buffalo Bills explosive offense is something they are hoping to replicate:

The Browns lack of motion the last few years, especially last year, was especially noteworthy with the head coach noting how important of a role it can play for an offense:

Despite the changes to the offense and Watson’s injuries last year, Cleveland has no plans to try to keep their quarterback in the pocket:

More motion? Great!

Focus on what the players do well? Great!

Looking to evolve and get ahead of the rest of the NFL? Great!

Seeing it on the field? Wait!

Unfortunately, we will have to wait and see what the new offense looks like and who will be calling plays for that offense. For now, all we can go on is Stefanski’s words.

During his media availability, the Browns head coach also spoke on a couple of the other players on the offense including expecting Dorian Thompson-Robinson to take a step this year:

As fans and media focus on receivers in the draft, Stefanski’s comments about WR Elijah Moore could indicate that the team doesn’t see the need at the position as others do:

What do you think about Stefanski’s comments about the Browns offense next year? Do you believe him that the players’ strengths will be the priority and there will be more motion?

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