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Browns social media account throws strong shade at Steelers

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By: Jared Mueller

Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Before the NFL schedule release, a little fun became serious when it came to Pittsburgh

One of the best parts of the NFL schedule release is how creative the social media and media departments of teams can be. We have seen amazingly elaborate releases and simple ones that have all been great. As with anything, there are a few that aren’t so good.

Prior to this year’s schedule release, the Cleveland Browns social media team took a second to compare each of the team’s opponents to “no context memes.” Most of them were simple including Joe Burrow in a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey or a Pirates of the Caribean meme for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Then we get to the meme representing the Pittsburgh Steelers and things went a little differently as they are compared to a trash can:

The can isn’t even metal/steel which makes the comparison all the more clear.

Browns fans have rarely had positive regard for the Steelers but things got worse last year when Minkah Fitzpatrick’s hit on Nick Chubb put Cleveland’s star back out for a year or more. Most Browns fans believed it was a dirty, low hit.

Now we have the team’s social media calling Pittsburgh’s team trash (unless there is another explanation we don’t understand).

Do you have any problem with the social media team seemingly taking this shot at the Steelers as trash?

Join the conversation, hopefully appropriate and polite unlike the above tweet, in the comment section below

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