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Chiefs’ Hollywood Brown expects to start working with Patrick Mahomes ‘this week’

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By: John Dixon

James Wooldridge/The Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Kansas City’s newest wide receiver believes he can unlock previously unseen potential in himself.

On Monday, the Kansas City Chiefs welcomed their new wide receiver Marquise “Call me Hollywood” Brown to their team facility at the Truman Sports Complex. First on the agenda: the little matter of signing the one-year contract that will pay him $7 million — and perhaps as much as $11 million — this season.

Still wearing his suit, Brown then met with reporters via Zoom — and acknowledged to our Pete Sweeney that “quite a few teams” had expressed interest in bringing him aboard.

“I was really leaving it up to my agent,” revealed Brown. “Kansas City was a place that I told him that I wanted to be — if that was the opportunity — and it kind of just unfolded. I let him do his job — and God made it happen.”

The sixth-year NFL veteran feels that joining the Chiefs is something that’s been on his horizon for quite a while.

“I thought I was going to get drafted by the Chiefs when I was coming out,” remembered Brown, whom the Baltimore Ravens selected in the first round (25th overall) of the 2019 NFL Draft. “We’ve talked about that since I’ve been here. They did a lot of work on me [during] the pre-draft. So the world’s got a way of having things come around like that.”

But he said that joining the Chiefs wasn’t only about fulfilling that draft destiny. Having the opportunity to play with quarterback Patrick Mahomes — and for head coach Andy Reid — were additional factors.

“Pat was a big part of it,” he acknowledged. “I mean, being able to play with Pat [and] Coach Reid [in a] winning culture. [And] the offense. I feel like I could come in, I could help [and] I could fit in. All those things played a part.”

From his side, Mahomes believes that Brown “brings a ton of dynamic playmaking ability” and “there will be a lot of throwing sessions in our future.” Brown told reporters that he anticipates getting together with his new quarterback as early as “this week.”

“It just seems like [Patrick] is very passionate,” he noted of the three-time Super Bowl winner. “I’m a very passionate person [who] wants to win — to do everything necessary to win. And that’s somebody you want to play with. You want to play with somebody [who is] going to bring the best out of you — [who’s] going to push your game to the next level. I feel like he’s definitely one of those type of guys.”

Brown believes that playing in Kansas City will unlock previously unseen potential.

“Being in this system,” he said, “I feel like I’ll be able to showcase my skill set. I still feel like [there’s] a lot of my game that I really haven’t got to show people — and that’s probably what I’m excited about the most [by] being here: to just put my best foot forward and show what I could do.”

With both the Ravens and Arizona Cardinals — for whom he has played the last two seasons — Brown thinks this just wasn’t possible.

“I feel like times in Baltimore [and] in Arizona, I showed facets of things that I could do,” he noted, “but not on a consistent basis. So I feel like, here, there’s guys around [who are] interchangeable. We can complement each other — and that way the best can come out of everyone.”

Still, he doesn’t have any regrets about asking to be traded out of Baltimore.

“At the end of the day,” he said, “[if] you’re not happy with yourself — or you’re not happy [with] what’s going on — you can’t put your best foot forward on the field.

“So I feel like [during] my time in Arizona, I didn’t accomplish stuff I wanted to accomplish on the field. But as a man, I grew. I grew closer with God. I grew closer with my family. I feel like God put me in that situation because I needed it.”

And now, he’s happy to be in a situation in which he can simply be… himself.

“I’m a football player, you know? I want to play football. I want to win. I want to be a part of the winning. And that’s why I’m here.”

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