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Day 2 of NFL combine workouts reveals Rams fit at cornerback and quarterback

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By: Blaine Grisak

Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Could CB Max Melton and QB Spencer Rattler be fits for the Rams?

The NFL Combine completed day two of its athletic testing on Friday with defensive backs and tight ends taking the field. When it comes the cornerbacks, one player really stood out as a potential fit for the Los Angeles Rams and what they’ve typically looked for at the position. In media availability, one quarterback stood out as they named Matthew Stafford as someone that that player tries to emulate. Here were the standouts from day two as well as some interesting quotes from the media portion of the day. In case you missed the recap from day one, you can check that out here.

Defensive Backs/Tight End Standouts

CB Max Melton, Rutgers

In the case that the Rams go edge or offensive line at 19, Max Melton from Rutgers is going to be a legitimate option in the second round. Melton ran a 4.43 40-yard dash and recorded a 40.5-inch vertical which is right in the range that the Rams have typically targeted. The Rams also like cornerbacks with arms longer than 32-inches which Melton also exceeded. Pair that along with his traits and this is going to be a player Snead and co. like on the defensive side of the ball.

TE Ben Sinnott, Kansas State

Brock Bowers didn’t participate in testing on Friday which allowed some of the other tight ends to really stand out. One of those players was Ben Sinnot from Kansas State. Sinnott recorded a 40-inch vertical and 126-inch broad jump to go with a 4.68-second 40-time. Sinnott has performed well at the Combine. The Rams will need a tight end to pair with Davis Allen as Tyler Higbee gets healthy. Sinnott would be an awesome addition.

TE Theo Johnson, Penn State

Penn State’s Theo Johnson stole the show when it comes to the tight ends. Johnson tested incredibly well, following up on what was also a very good Senior Bowl. His raw athleticism flashed at Penn State and that was on full display at the NFL Combine. Johnson is the type of athlete that you bet on during day two of the draft.

S Tyler Owens, Texas Tech

For as much as Johnson dominated the athletic portion of the Combine for tight ends, Owens crushed it among safeties. Owens’ 146-inch broad jump was the second-best in the history of the NFL Combine. He also led all safeties with a 41-inch vertical. Owens is an interesting prospect as he only had 12 career starts and is very inexperienced. However, a team with bet on his athletic traits on day three as a special teams contributor and look to develop his skills on defense.

Notable Quotes

QB Spencer Rattler, South Carolina

I would say Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, I watch Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford, guys like that coming up. Trying to take little parts of their game and implement it in mine within training…(Stafford) can throw from different angles, has a great arm, and can anticipate well.”

Rattler was asked on Friday who some quarterbacks were that he tried to emulate and named Matthew Stafford. I followed up with what about Stafford’s game he tries to replicate specifically and gave the answer above. The Rams need a backup quarterback and Rattler may just be an option in the third round.

WR Romeo Wilson, Michigan

“Coach used to say no block, no rock. That definitely sticks with me. It’s just an opportunity to no score a touchdown or make a catch, but make a play. Go in there and make a key block to help the running backs. It kind of became a big deal for me and something that I took pride in.”

Wilson may not have the stats of some of the other top wide receivers in the draft. With that said, he made the most of his opportunities. The Senior Bowl put him on the map and he remains a potential mid-round options for the Rams. We know how much Sean McVay values blocking wide receivers and that’s something that Wilson takes pride in.

WR Xavier Legette, South Carolina

“What I feel I can bring to any team is a hard worker and a guy that can be consistent every day and just bring a lot to the table…Being able to play special teams. I can do a lot on the special teams part of it. Even on the field I feel like I’m a great receiver…(Special teams) is important to me. Any way that I can help the team win. I don’t have any problem playing special teams. Even if I’m playing every rep on offense, I’m still going to go out there and play special teams. I did that this season as well.”

It was cool hearing Legette talk about how much pride he took in special teams. He has experience as a kickoff returner, but also said the he can play gunner. That’s something that a lot of teams, including the Rams, will value

RB Dylan Laube, New Hampshire

“I think compared to the backs now, they’re in the backfield and run routes. But for me, I’m able to put myself in the slot, out wide as ‘x’, ‘z’, ‘h’, and kind of play as a true receiver and as a true running back…I think my role, especially in the first year, I see myself as a player who makes a huge impact on special teams, as a receiver, maybe a third-down back. Wherever you put me, I’m going to make something of it.”

Laube is one of the more versatile running backs in the draft and can be a true offensive weapon in the right system. He showed that he could compete with players at a higher level in Mobile at the Senior Bowl. Laube may not be the star player in a backfield in the NFL, but he can certainly contribute and develop into a receiving option and chess piece for an offense.