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Draft Talk: Ranking the top offensive linemen in the 2024 NFL Draft

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By: Justis Mosqueda

Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The linemen that the Packers take in the 2024 draft may shed some light on the team’s run schemes moving forward.

Unlike the other major needs that the Green Bay Packers still need to address before the 2024 regular season, offensive line is actually a strength of the upcoming draft class. Our analysts, Justis Mosqueda and Tyler Brooke, break down who the top talents in the class are and how they could potentially fit in the Packers’ offensive line room, which is young but also is comprised of one- and two-year contracts.

If Green Bay wants to take more of a zone running approach, linemen like Troy Fautanu and Jordan Morgan will be signals for that. If they instead want to get after it with a more vertical run game, like Josh Jacobs played in with the Las Vegas Raiders, then linemen like Zach Frazier and Cooper Beebe better fit that mold.

Our duo discussed what is largely considered the top 14 offensive linemen in the 2024 class in this episode. In a future episode, our hosts will touch on the remaining Day 2 and early Day 3 prospects at the position.

Look for the Packers to add two or more linemen in this draft, as the team holds 11 draft picks and only has one player — Royce Newman — who has played any sort of significant time off of the bench. On the surface, Green Bay’s offensive line may look set, but considering the contract status and depth of the position, there’s still plenty of room for draft picks.

Justis’ top 10 offensive linemen

  1. Joe Alt, Notre Dame (LT)
  2. Olu Fashanu, Penn State (LT)
  3. JC Latham, Alabama (RT)
  4. Amarius Mims, Georgia (RT)
  5. Taliese Fuaga, Oregon State (RT)
  6. Graham Barton, Duke (LT)
  7. Kingsley Suamataia, BYU (LT)
  8. Troy Fautanu, Washington (LT)
  9. Jackson Powers-Johnson, Oregon (C)
  10. Jordan Morgan, Arizona (LT)

Tyler’s top 10 offensive linemen

  1. Joe Alt, Notre Dame (LT)
  2. Olu Fashanu, Penn State (LT)
  3. JC Latham, Alabama (RT)
  4. Troy Fautanu, Washington (LT)
  5. Graham Barton, Duke (LT)
  6. Amarius Mims, Georgia (RT)
  7. Taliese Fuaga, Oregon State (RT)
  8. Jackson Powers-Johnson, Oregon (C)
  9. Kingsley Suamataia, BYU (LT)
  10. Cooper Beebe, Kansas State (RT/LG)


  • 1:30: Joe Alt
  • 4:45: Olu Fashanu
  • 8:00: JC Latham
  • 12:45: Amarius Mims
  • 15:30: Taliese Fuaga
  • 18:00: Graham Barton
  • 21:30: Kingsley Suamataia
  • 25:00: Troy Fautanu
  • 27:45: Jackson Powers-Johnson
  • 30:15: Jordan Morgan
  • 33:15: Zach Frazier
  • 35:15: Tyler Guyton
  • 37:45: Cooper Beebe

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