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Eagles Film Review: Fans will need to be patient with Jalyx Hunt

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By: Jonny Page

Gregg Pachkowski / / USA TODAY NETWORK

A closer look at Philadelphia’s 2024 third-round pick.

With the 2024 NFL Draft over, it’s time for some film rooms on the Philadelphia Eagles’ rookie class. I will try and get to all nine draft picks and some UDFAs over the next few weeks. Loads of scouting reports will say very similar things, so I have tried to include film clips to back up everything and I will talk about the player’s fit with the Eagles at the end of the piece. I manage to get the all22 on several rookies, but I can’t share those clips on my own Twitter accounts (or I risk getting blocked), so I’ve used a few other accounts here. Let’s go!

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I knew nothing about Jalyx Hunt so I wanted this one to be pretty in-depth… enjoy!



+ As the above suggests, Hunt is a legitimately great athlete. He is really fluid and you can see the former safety/receiver in him. He’s ridiculously long and explosive.

I know he’s unblocked here, but just look how long and quick he looks.

+ He has snaps where he flies out of his stance and shows outstanding initial burst and acceleration. His closing speed is outstanding too.

+ He can bend the EDGE and has good flexibility to sink and dip under tackles.

+ This is very inconsistent, but his length hand usage can help him win inside.

+ He flashes the ability to cross the face of offensive lineman with quick burst. This is where length helps him too.

+ Really good in pursuit. Great speed to chase down from the backside. He hits hard and plays with a high motor at all times.

+ Really good arm length, and has a good first punch to stun offensive tackles at times.

+ Combination of athleticism and arm length makes him a useful weapon on TE stunts.

+ Movement skills in coverage are really strong. This is a huge reason why Fangio liked this guy. He is extremely natural when dropping into coverage, especially when asked to cover the flats.


– You knew this was coming… he is extremely raw. He doesn’t have a real pass rush arsenal at this point, and when linemen get their hands on him the rep is usually over. There’s no real counter-move.

– He gets moved too easily in the run game and sometimes looks very light in run defense.

– He does this thing where he takes a false step or rocks back at the snap and doesn’t generate the burst you would expect too often. That’s why he’s quite inconsistent on film, because when he really times the snap well you can see him fly.

– He looks a little too upright with almost too long legs at times. There are times he looks more like a safety or off-ball linebacker. He can get moved sometimes easily because he’s so upright.

– I don’t think he will be able to drop his hips consistently enough, sink, and flatten to get upright unless he changes his stance slightly and gets lower. He looks too upright.

– He didn’t face a lot of great competition during his time in college. He’s also pretty old for a multi-year project, as he has already turned 23.


Well, I tried to find every bit of film I could of Jalyx Hunt. I still don’t have any idea what to make of this pick. I love it and hate it at the same time.

It feels like a massive risk on the potential upside due to his traits when better players were available, but you can’t help but be fascinated by the potential upside. Hunt is one of the most fascinating athletes I’ve watched. He moves differently from other players. He’s a bizarre combination of length, speed and quickness. But he doesn’t really look like an EDGE at times! He looks like he’s still athletic enough to play safety at times, and watching him drop into coverage is really cool.

I don’t want to come over as too pessimistic, but I think he is a long way away from contributing as a pass rusher. The traits are there, but he needs a lot of work. I don’t think he will contribute as a pass rusher for at least a year, and at 23 years old already, it’s possible that part of his game just doesn’t develop a great deal. But the traits and athleticism are there. The potential is obvious. I would have loved this pick in the 4th round, but the 3rd just feels a little bit risky to me.

However, I think he’s immediately the Eagles’ best EDGE rusher at dropping into coverage, and he will provide the Eagles with more versatility and unpredictability when he lines up in the Eagles’ 5-man front. This is something the Eagles lack on the roster right now. This is a Vic Fangio pick without a doubt, and he feels like a player who has been drafted for a very specific role which I am fascinated to see develop. I bet the coaches and scouts had some arguments about this one!

Personally, this wouldn’t have been my selection in the 3rd round, but I do think at the very least you have a freaky athlete who can immediately contribute on special teams, can drop into coverage, and can hopefully develop as a pass rusher over time. He hasn’t played EDGE for very long, so there is reason for optimism. If, and it’s a pretty big if, he manages to develop into an above-average pass rusher, then he will be one of the most versatile EDGE rushers in the league because you can’t teach his athleticism and length. I think fans will need to be patient with him though, because I’m not expecting a great deal of immediate impact when it comes to rushing the passer. Versatility and the ability to drop into coverage is great, but realistically, if you can’t rush the pass as an EDGE then you will struggle to get on the field a great deal.

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