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Eagles Film Review: Gauging Haason Reddick’s value

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By: Jonny Page

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It’s the offseason. so it’s time to get into the Eagles’ upcoming free agents before we get into draft season. However, before we get to the free agents, I wanted to write about Haason Reddick as there have been several reports hinting that he could be traded this off-season. Although he has come out and said he hasn’t asked for a trade, it does feel likely at this stage. In case you have missed all of this, here you go…

So we will do this like any player review that I do. We will start by looking at the stats, then both the positives and negatives of the film, before I give my overall opinion on whether the player should be re-signed (or in this case given a new contract).


You guys know I’m not the best stats guy in the world, so I’m using my podcast co-host Shane Haff to provide you with the stats.

It’s also interesting to compare him to Josh Sweat seeing as they play a very similar role.

It’s pretty clear that Reddick had a slightly down year, but he still ended up with 11 sacks despite having about the same amount of pressures as Josh Sweat.


+ Whenever you are scouting EDGE defenders, the first thing you look for is the ability to bend the edge. Reddick has elite burst and the ability to bend the edge.

+ Reddick’s burst isn’t just useful for bending the edge. He can also beat pulling guards to gaps which can be really helpful against teams that run a lot of gap scheme.

+ Has a ridiculously explosive get-off. When he gets going he can get to the quarterback in a hurry.

+ His burst and speed also allow him to be a real threat from stunts too.

+ He’s extremely versatile, and you can use him in a variety of roles of needed, such as a QB spy.

+ I’ll speak about this more later on, but he is clutch. He makes big plays at important times. This can’t be understated.

+ He has a legitimate superpower. He is a magician. He performs this spell where he makes opposing coordinators attempt to block him with a tight end. It’s genius. I only wish he would do it more.

+ He is an outstanding finisher. Some players get a lot of pressure but can’t convert the pressure into sacks. Reddick is the opposite.


– Sometimes versatility is a bad thing and not a strength. Because Reddick is versatile, defensive coordinators do try and get cute and drop him into coverage too often.

– The consistency as a pass rusher isn’t there. Just look at the numbers above. He’s more of a game wrecker than someone who wins constantly.

– He’s a little bit of a flat-track bully (is that a UK phrase?!) and dominates weaker opponents, but rarely gets the better of elite talents. These numbers are from @Philly_Films

– He doesn’t have a great bullrush which means unless he’s bending the edge, he’s not particularly useful attacking guards up the middle.

– He does have an issue in run defense where he can just get washed out. He’s a much better run defender than many think considering his size, but it’s still not a strength.


When the Eagles first signed Reddick, I wrote about him and came to this conclusion

I think I summed him up pretty well. Reddick is not a pass rusher who consistently wins, but because of how he wins, he can convert his pressures into sacks. He is a game wrecker. He is someone who can have a quiet game but can change the game in an instant. Personally, I value big plays on defense a lot and I want players who convert pressures into sacks. I do understand the other side of the coin, and the importance that pressure has on the quarterback.

With all that being said, I think the Eagles will miss Reddick a lot if they trade him. I do not think he’s worth a contract extension that pays him top 5 money. I don’t expect another team to pay him that much either, though. But I do think Reddick has been underpaid, and I wouldn’t mind a 2-year extension that pays him slightly more than his current $15m-year average but that doesn’t pay him like one of the elites. I hate discussing the cap stuff, but I would be looking for something like 2 years at $17m per year which would put him around the 13th highest-paid EDGE defender in the league. I’m optimistic that the Eagles will get a deal done because I’m not sure another team will offer him the money he is after. If he is really after top 5 money, then I would be looking to move him for a high pick, but the Eagles will need another EDGE defender if they move him.

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