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Former Buffalo Bills CB Tre’Davious White visiting several teams this week

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By: Matt Byham

Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Take our on-site poll: Where would you prefer Tre’ White land in 2024?

When the Buffalo Bills parted ways with cornerback Tre’Davious White, Bills Mafia were understandably downtrodden. While understanding the cold, hard facts surrounding White — his salary, and a pair of significant lower leg injuries overshadowing the last three years in Orchard Park, NY chief among them — it didn’t make his release any less difficult for a fan base that came to adore the man behind Tre’ White’s Goalie Academy.

Despite that, many wondered if White’s days in the NFL as a starting shutdown cornerback were behind him. Following an ACL injury suffered the night of Buffalo’s Thanksgiving Day game in 2021, White was slow to return to the practice field, and he struggled to re-gain his form prior to the injury. There were signs of a return to form during that team’s 2022 postseason run, but questions remained.

White rebounded well now seemingly fully back from the knee injury, and he was playing at an elite level. Then, as we all know, injury found reason to strike again on a non-contact play. White’s season was once again cut far too short after only four games. While uncertain, many wondered if that meant an end to the seven-year shutdown corner’s career with the Bills, if not altogether.

Thankfully, for White and those who continue rooting him on, it appears he has no shortage of potential options for 2024 and beyond. That became apparent with the news first shared by Mike Garafolo that Tre’ White “has visits scheduled with the #Rams and #Raiders this week, with a few more teams showing interest as well,” per sources who shared the information with Garafolo.

Having just turned 29 in early January, White should have plenty left in the tank if he chooses to continue his NFL career — and if he can find the luck often required to keep injuries at bay.

At this point, Bills Mafia can choose two paths: Admire White’s career with the Bills but having embraced his new and unwarranted role as a heel, or continue cheering White’s successes — no matter where he lands.

At Buffalo Rumblings, it’s not ours to tell anyone how to roll out their fandom. But for the purposes of this discussion, I’ll simply ask you if there’s a particular landing spot for White that you’re hoping he finds — whether it’s a “makes sense” of “I’d prefer it’s X, Y, or Z for my hopes as a Bills fan.”

Though there remain a few unnamed teams, we know that Tre’ White is going to sit down and discuss options with the Los Angeles Rams and was meeting with the Las Vegas Raiders Monday afternoon. San Francisco 49ers cornerback Charvarious Ward has reportedly mentioned his willingness to help the Niners land White this offseason. In considering his roots, it’s possible White sees the New Orleans Saints as a good landing spot.

There are of course plenty of other teams that could use a player of White’s ability, even when considering his bad luck with injuries the last three seasons. Who knows, it might come down to which locale offers him the best path to furthering his side career as a hockey goalie.

For sure, there are at least a few teams Bills Mafia wants to see White have no part of this season and beyond.

It’s time for an old-school Buffalo Rumblings poll:

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