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Former Packers LB De’Vondre Campbell goes on social media rant about team

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By: Justis Mosqueda

Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

“Listen if I would’ve listened to half the stuff they were telling me I would’ve NEVER went all pro,” tweeted the linebacker on Sunday.

Former Green Bay Packers linebacker De’Vondre Campbell has never been shy on social media. In December, he let the world know that he was no longer going to play through injuries for the Packers, stating, “When s*** goes wrong they always use it against you.” Earlier this week, after being released by the team, he posted on his Instagram page that he was “badly misused” by the franchise. On Sunday, he spent a good amount of expounding on those thoughts on Twitter/X.

Campbell claims that he was able to make All-Pro by turning down the Packers’ requests to be used in certain ways. According to the linebacker, a couple of the reasons why his play declined in 2022 and 2023 were because the team wanted him to break based on the quarterback’s eyes, rather than keying on routes, and that he didn’t get to press receivers or tight ends when detached from the box.

Campbell also stated that he was never asked to take a pay cut to remain on the roster in 2024. The linebacker had three years left on his five-year, $50 million deal when Green Bay elected to release him earlier this offseason. Since his release, he has signed a one-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers. Former Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers also liked the tweet, which adds just another level to the comment.

According to him, the run game also suffered due to the defensive scheme. Per Campbell, the Packers’ linebackers were taught to slow play their run fits so that they could trigger at the same time as the team’s safeties in an effort to limit the defense getting “gashed.”

Campbell also claimed that the defense turned around when he began to meet privately with Matt LaFleur and told the head coach that the team “needed to be more aggressive.” In this context, aggressive meant playing more press man coverage and blitzing more from the second level of the defense.

Not everything was negative, though, as Campbell said that fellow linebacker Quay Walker was also misused, as he was “thinking too much” in defensive coordinator Joe Barry’s scheme. Per Campbell, new defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley’s scheme “will fit [Walker] perfectly.”

Ultimately, who knows who is truly at fault for Campbell’s decline, be it Campbell’s usage, Campbell himself or the injuries that Campbell stacked up over the years. It doesn’t appear that he has many nice things to say about the Packers’ coaching staff, even if he calls Green Bay’s organization the best he’s ever been a part of.

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