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Giants news, 3/18: Michael Strahan, music star Daniel Jones, more

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By: Ed Valentine

New York Giants headlines for Monday

Good morning, New York Giants fans!

Michael Strahan gets one up on Jon Runyan Sr.

Former Giants great Michael Strahan and Jon Runyan Sr., an offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, had many memorable confrontations. The two combatants eventually became friends, with Runyan attending Strahan’s Hall of Fame enshrinement.

With Runyan’s son, Jon Jr., now a Giant, Strahan is savoring the moment.

“One of my favorite things is knowing that Jon Runyan has to root for the Giants,” Strahan said via the Giants’ PR Department. “That was the first thing that came to my mind, ‘Thank God, now Jon has to actually root for the Giants. This is going to be awesome.’”

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More Giants headlines

Daniel Jones has pipes? And personality?

Carl Banks slams ‘personal attacks’ on Eagles’ Saquon Barkley

“Saquon Barkley has put this team on his back. He’s a New Yorker, once a Giant, always a Giant,” Banks said.

“And that fits him. And I hate the effing Eagles. I do. And I’m going to root for Saquon Barkley for 15 weeks. I’m going to wish him love and success for 15 weeks. The other two weeks, I hope he gets two yards. And if they see him in the third week, I hope he gets less yards than that.

“Other than that, the kid has been everything that you would want a star player to be within your organization and outside of your organization. And, you know, again, I’m not singling out all fans but some of the behavior, some of the rhetoric towards you.” …

“ … some of the personal attacks — understand he’s in his twenties. He’s somebody. He’s got a daughter … And that’s hurtful stuff, folks. And understand this. Would you want someone to do that? Go to your son’s job. Somebody would go to you and call you all these types of names because you changed jobs. It ain’t like he didn’t put out for you. He put this team on his back.”

Tiki Barber unloads on Ryan Clark in media feud: ‘Shut the hell up’

“He’s making a story that fits his agenda and he doesn’t know me well enough to talk about me, so shut the hell up, Ryan Clark, please, you sound like a fool.”

Overreactions, reality checks after first week of free agency: Giants better off without Saquon Barkley? –

Overreaction or reality: Reality

The Giants built a team around Barkley over the last six years, but have just a playoff win and a 34-64-1 record to show for it. They were wise to move on from Barkey, not make an offer, and allocate their money elsewhere.

New York spent that Barkley money on improving the offensive line, adding Jon Runyan and Jermaine Eluemunor. Their big move was trading for Brian Burns and paying him, creating a pass rush with him, Kayvon Thibodeaux, and Dexter Lawrence.

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Is the Saquon Barkley signing a mistake for the Eagles? – Bleeding Green Nation

The Eagles could have utilized that money in far more important areas than running back, and still retained Swift at a reasonable cost (three-year for $24 million/$15.4 million guaranteed). He was not used nowhere near as much as he should have been in 2023, catching 39 passes for 214 yards and a score in earning his first career Pro Bowl in 2023, while Barkley caught 41 passes for 280 yards and four touchdowns.

What will make Barkley a benefit is how new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore uses him. Moore likes using play action, and was highly successful with that while the Dallas’ OC. Under Brian Johnson, the Eagles were 27th in the NFL running play action and last in the NFL when it came to Jalen Hurts being under center.

Maybe there is a reason for that. Maybe Hurts is not best suited to running play action?

We will see this season.

The bottom line is this: Eagles’ management seems to have somehow forgot this team lost six of its last seven games and improved this week in an area of strength, while paying marginal attention to a glaring area of weakness (linebacker, safety, cornerback, defensive tackle depth). The 2023 Eagles were built to outscore teams, like it seems Roseman is trying to build the 2024 Eagles.

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