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Grade free agency for the Colts

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By: Jon Spradley

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What grade are you giving the Colts in free agency? Are they thriving, surviving, or something else?

The NFL free agency period is still in its fledgling state if you go simply by dates. The legal tampering period wasn’t even two weeks ago, so teams still have plenty of time to sign new players and improve their roster. From a time standpoint, the Indianapolis Colts still have plenty of it. Unfortunately, the amount of time isn’t reflective of the available opportunities as the bulk of notable players have already been scooped up by other teams. Free agency starts fast and furiously, and while a team doesn’t have to complete their roster in the first two weeks, the cupboards are fairly bare after the initial run.

The Colts spent the first two weeks signing their own. Reward those in your own building. That is the mantra. Coming off a 13-4 season with a Super Bowl appearance, I am completely fine with that. Coming off a 9-8 season while missing the postseason, I am less than fine with that. Instead of addressing the glaring hole that is the secondary, Chris Ballard focused on signing Danny Pinter and Taven Bryan. (Could you identify Bryan in the article picture? I couldn’t, but those are the types of signings we are getting around here.)

Now, look. I have no problem with the Colts signing Pinter and Bryan. Not everyone is a starter in the NFL. You need quality depth. If we went through the offseason and had no depth on the offensive and defensive lines, everyone would be crying about that. So, I get it. I am even good with it in a vacuum. I need a little bit more than that though. Objectively, with Julian Blackmon visiting other teams and looking like a flight risk at this point, is it hard to think that the Colts’ secondary is actually worse now than last year? Can you believe it could look worse? Outside of Kenny Moore II, Blackmon was the Colts best defensive back out there. Maybe JuJu Brents will take a leap. Dallis Flowers will be back this year from injury. Both of those things will help, but does that make you feel comfortable?

After seemingly 98 safeties were released this offseason, the Colts still haven’t upgraded that position. The talks with L’Jarius Sneed appear dead to having never existed depending on who you ask. There appears to be no sense of urgency or even the inkling of a rumor regarding notable names. The roster is what the roster is going to be outside of the draft where they can get better, but the impact is usually nothing major in the first year.

At this point, I would give the Colts a “C”. There is still time for this offseason to turn into a success. Do a little bit of extra credit by upgrading your defensive backs and that can quickly turn into an “A-”. Fail to sign anyone else and trout into the new year with essentially the same team and watch that “C” turn into a “D-”. With the available opportunities and the cap space, failing to upgrade would a disappointing result.

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