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Houston Texans 2024 Free Agency and Draft Predictions

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By: Kenneth L.

Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

Some post-NFL Combine Houston Texans offseason acquisition projections.

Look around, wherever you may be, the season is changing. In Houston, the sun is beginning to intensify. On the coasts, the weather is dark and stormy. But in the inner workings of NFL front offices, it’s the most important part of the offseason: free agency and the NFL Draft.

Houston kicks off the NFL Draft with $70M in salary cap plus eight draft picks. Houston has shed it’s gluttonous contracts (sans Laremy Tunsil) and can be aggressive in the free agency market. Plus, even with their extravagant trading of draft picks to acquire Will Anderson Jr., John Metchie, Christian Harris, and other priority rookies, Houston enters with a full slate of picks.

The strategy of this dual free agency and mock draft article will mirror the Houston Texans’ front office will face. First, free agency kicks off March 13 with teams swiping up the best talent at premium prices. Houston will address it’s biggest needs while resigning some of their own priority free agents. We’ll end off with several Here’s how that will look, plus a full new depth chart at the bottom of the article.


Re-sign Jonathan Greenard, DE – 4 years/$50M

Re-sign Dalton Schultz, TE – 3 years/$30M

Re-sign Blake Cashman, LB – 3 years/$15M

Adoree’ Jackson, CB (NYG) – 2 years/$5M

Mekhi Becton, RT (NYJ) – 1 year/$7.5M

D’Andre Swift, RB (PHI) – 3 years/$18M

Jerick McKinnon, RB (KC) – 1 year/$1M

Post-draft signings:

Cam Fleming, LT (DEN) – 1 year/$4M

Sean Murphy Bunting, CB (TEN) – 2 years/$4M

Devin White, LB (TB) – 1 year/$4M

Total 2024 Cap hit: $61.5M

Analysis: Houston takes the approach of re-signing some of their favorite free agents. Blake Cashman, Dalton Schultz, and Jonathan Greenard all want to come back and will on lucrative deals. Then, the front office turns its focus on during up the offensive tackle room with two quality backups. Houston pays to ensure if either Laremy Tunsil or Tytus Howard go down, a steady backup will take their place.

Then, and what may be the most impactful…. and to some disappointing signings…. the running backs. Houston doling out cash for an injury-plagued Saquon Barkley isn’t practical when they can moneyball their approach and sign Antonio Gibson and D’Andre Swift. They amass a three-headed monster at running back.

On defense, Houston pairs linebacker Blake Cashman with veteran Devin White. This lets Christian Harris still stay as a hunter-seeker and not the play caller. They also add A.J. Epenesa as a dynamic rotational defensive end. In the secondary, Adoree’ Jackson and Sean Murphy-Bunting join Houston in a defense that fits their scheme preferences and allows Stingley to shine.

After free agency, the biggest needs are defensive tackle, safety, and guard. Houston and it’s defense-focused coaching staff will pursue top tier talent to bolster the front-seven. The back end of the draft will be to improve depth at key positions across the board.


Round 1 Chop Robinson, DE – Penn State

Round 2 Calen Bullock, S – USC

Round 3 Brandon Dorlus, DT – Oregon

Round 4 Javon Foster, OT – Missouri

Round 4 Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, WR – Georgia

Round 5 Cedric Gray, LB – UNC

Round 7 Evan Anderson, DT – Florida Atlantic

Round 7 Jarius Monroe, CB – Tulane

Analysis: Chop Robinson had a fantastic NFL Combine and is surging up draft boards. He was a dynamic but rotational piece at Penn State. Even though I project Houston resigns Jonathan Greenard, Robinson will be the long-term solution and third-down playmaker for the Texans.

Calen Bullock fills a crucial need as at 6’2”, he’s a hard-hitting safety who also played a bit of wide receiver. The ball-hawking safety has started for three years and can rotate with Jimmy Ward immediately.

Houston turns around and adds Brandon Dorlus a versatile defensive tackle who can play across the entire defensive front. Houston continues to triple-up on the defensive line with a heavy-handed and promising DT Evan Anderson at the end of the draft.

By the end of the free agency and draft, Houston has a top tier defensive line with depth and versatility. They’ve rebuilt the secondary with value-based free agents and promising draft picks. And they’ve reloaded on solidifying the offensive line with veteran backups plus a developmental piece in Javon Foster.

Here’s a screenshot of the new Houston Texans depth chart:

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