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Houston Texans Receive B+ in Annual NFLPA Report

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By: Kenneth L.

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The players are eating good in Braeswood

The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) released their annual report card for every franchise… and some teams were scathed. In particular, the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs were raked through the coals by their players across the facilities, ownership, staff, and other categories.

For as horrific a reputation the Houston Texans had garnered over the past half decade due to nothing short of ineptitude and a Game of Thrones-esque power struggle, everything appears to be A-okay at NRG.

Here’s a link to the full article and breakdown by each team. Your Texans ranked 7th across the league in the 11 categories they measure. It’s a tick down from last year’s 4th place positioning, but it goes to show the ship has been righted in Houston. Most noticeably, Houston received stunning grades across head coach, nutrition/dietician, and food/cafeteria.

The players are eating good in Braeswood.

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You forget that these young players have families and they have responsibilities beyond getting a first down. Having quality daycare and inclusion of their family never occurred to me while sitting and watching on Sunday.

Fortunately, while I sit here and gnaw on a burrito smudging up the keyboard of my 2013 Apple MacBook Pro, the players at the Texans’ facility are receiving the finest culinary and nutrition combination in the league.

In fact, the Texans are the only team that had every player feel they received an individualized plan from their dietician.

Here’s a compiled list of what the players docked the team for:

  • No steam room/sauna
  • No team lounge to hang out in
  • Strength coach contribution to their success

The Director of Strength and Conditioning Mike Eubanks and staff received the most negative feedback. Only 81% of players believed they received individual plans. To be fair, when players are coming and going faster than an international airport shoots off planes it’s hard to invest in developing a player’s biceps. Interesting enough, the training staff received the first overall grade just last year.

Funny enough, DeMeco Ryans ranked as the 20th head coach. All we’ve heard are glowing reports from the coach. He did receive an A-, but that may as well be players covering their behinds and avoiding the backlash from the coach themselves. A- is a fantastic grade, beats the hell out of my English Literature reports.

Bill O’Brien, Brian Gaine, Cal McNair’s comments, Jack Easterby, an ongoing ownership dispute, three coaches in three years…. and the worst thing players have to complain about is the lack of a sauna. How quickly things change in a professional sports organization.

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