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Hypothetical: What would it take for the Saints to get the #1 overall pick?

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By: Lucas Loffredo

Blockbuster trade!

As the 2024 NFL Draft inches closer by the day, I thought it would be the perfect time to have a little bit of fun before all of the mayhem to come in these next few weeks.

With all of the rumors surrounding the Chicago Bears and whether or not they will choose to stay put at #1 overall or choose to move off of their selection, I decided to put my GM shoes on to see what it would take for the New Orleans Saints to make a move up to that #1 spot.

Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

After a short conversation with one of my colleagues, I want to share some of the discussions we had and the thought process in deciding what was the appropriate compensation for this trade.

To start it off, our obvious target is none other than the USC phenom in QB Caleb Williams, who could very well be the best QB prospect of all-time which means we’re going to have to pay some $$$.

So, when it came to compensation, the starting point for us was three 1st round picks. To build upon that, we knew that the Bears would of course want a younger, talented player in addition to these. This is where it got a little tricky. The Saints are one of, if not the oldest team in the league and don’t have many players that have an entire future ahead of them. But, in doing the best we could here are some of the players that are potential trade chips:

WR Chris Olave

RB Alvin Kamara

CB Marshon Lattimore

To me, these are the only players that the Bears would consider in a trade like this. I looked at a few other guys like Pete Werner, Erik McCoy, Paulson Adebo and Carl Granderson but these aren’t sure-fire difference makers, at least not yet.

When deciding from these three players, Chris Olave is one that I simply wouldn’t want to give up if I’m the Saints given that he’s the most reliable weapon on offense at the moment and without him (and little cap space to get someone else) Caleb Williams wouldn’t have a true #1 guy that he would need. Alvin Kamara is one that I think could thrive with QB Justin Fields as his counterpart which makes this more interesting but with Kamara on the backend of his career, it would likely cost some more draft picks something that the Saints can’t really afford. Yes, it has come down to it. Marshon Lattimore. The 27-year-old corner still in his prime even coming off injuries is an extremely valuable player given his ability and his positional value. What makes this interesting is that the Bears also have to pay CB Jaylon Johnson who just came off of a career year. If both sides decide they want to move on from each other for whatever reason, Lattimore could be the answer at the corner for them. With that being said, Lattimore it is.

Trade Proposal –

New Orleans Saints:

  • 2024 1st (14th overall)
  • 2024 2nd
  • 2024 5th
  • 2025 1st
  • 2026 1st
  • CB Marshon Lattimore


Chicago Bears:

  • 2024 1st (1st overall)
  • 2024 3rd

What are your thoughts on this hypothetical trade? If you were GM for the day, what would you do? Let us know in the comments below!

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