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Jadeveon Clowney’s agent told John Harbaugh this is the first time Clowney’s ended the season happy

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By: Kyle Phoenix

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens hope to keep the pass-rusher, and his feelings at seasons’ end could be helpful.

It was no secret that outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney had a good time this season. He was racking up pressures and sacks, making plays, and most importantly, enjoying playing football.

“Like I said, I enjoyed coming to work. It made my life a lot easier this year,” Clowney said at locker room cleanout. “That’s probably why I played at a high level because I [didn’t] have any pressure. I would just come in, have fun and be yourself and just play ball.”

All throughout the season, Clowney echoed the end of season sentiment. In conversations with him throughout the season, he told me numerous times how the Ravens were helpful in his recovery. How they weren’t overstressing him physically or mentally. How he enjoyed the locker room, the linebacker unit and the organization. And according to Head Coach John Harbaugh, his agent told him the same.

“I just ran into the agent for Jadeveon Clowney,” Harbaugh told’s Garrett Downing in an interview at the combine. “Just walking in the street and he grabbed me and I said, I told him I loved him. I [asked], ‘What do you think? How’d he do this year?’ And he goes, ‘This is the first year he’s ended the season happy.’ That says so much right there. It says so much for everything, for everybody in the organization. Maybe we can get him back. We’re going to try.”

It’s been an arduous road for Clowney’s career. Enormous expectations quickly were usurped by a devastating knee injury. But through it all, Clowney has continued to play in the NFL, and do so at a high level. And in Year 10 and on his fifth NFL team, he set a new personal best in pressures (71) and tied his career best in sacks (9.5).

With Clowney’s production and happiness, maybe the Ravens can bring back their productive pass rusher.

“There was never any pressure throughout the week on anybody, but yes, I would love to come back here,” Clowney said at seasons end.

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