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Malik Nabers, Rome Odunze excited about meetings with New York Giants

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By: Ed Valentine

Rome Odunze | Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

Dynamic wide receivers are the two players most often selected for New York in mock drafts

Malik Nabers and Rome Odunze both have the New York Giants’ attention in the team’s quest to find a game-changing wide receiver.

Nabers, the dynamic 6-foot, 200-pound play-making wide receiver from LSU, is the player most often selected for the Giants in mock drafts. He acknowledged on Friday that he knows the Giants are hunting for a WR1.

“I know they’re looking for that WR1, especially after Odell left. If I can come in and be that guy, so be it,” he said.

Nabers said the Giants “love ‘dogs’” and he is one.

“I’m able to go outside and win, I’m able to go at slot, I’m able to be moved around, create space on a linebacker. I know I carry the ball pretty good,” he said. “A different offense can move me around and still get that ‘dog’ mentality.

“When that ball is in the air, it’s mine. When I get the ball in my hands, I’m able to do tremendous things with it. Create space on different DBs and able to make explosive plays downfield. Take an 8-yard route and turn it into a touchdown.”

Here is part of a scouting report on Nabers from The Draft Network:

Malik Nabers is a receiver who can be versatile in his usage on the field and plays with a high level of physicality and passion for the game. … Nabers thrives in contested-catch situations or 50/50 balls and converts those passes at a high level when he is targeted. … The most dominant part of Nabers’ game appears to be his run-after-catch ability. Nabers is quick and shifty with the ability to make the first defender miss, but he also has a strong lower half which allows him to power through arm tackles and become difficult for defensive backs to tackle one-on-one. …

Overall, Nabers shows to be a physically-dominant receiver that can win in all areas of the field, dominating the short-to-intermediate passing game while also being used to take vertical shots down the field.

Here is Odunze on Friday morning describing his meeting with the Giants:

“They were quizzing me on some film, getting to know who I was. I was getting to know them,” Odunze said. “I think it went well. I was excited to meet them.

“I feel like they’re good dudes, honestly. They just seemed like they had joy in the room, that they were excited about the process. They knew ball, of course, and were excited about their future. I think good things will come.”

Odunze is a different body type than Nabers at 6-3, 215 pounds. He has a large goal for his NFL future.

“A successful career would be ending in the Hall of Fame,” Odunze said. “Being one of the best to ever play the game.”

Odunze is confident that he has what it takes to be a quality NFL player.

“I’ve shown all the skills that can translate to the NFL at a high level,” he said. “I think a lot of people underrate my speed, my explosiveness. See a lot of that on tape and my separation as well. I don’t know where those things come from. If you watch the entire tape, you’ll see.”

Odunze is known for his ability to make contested catches.

“People say it’s 50-50. For me, it’s 100-0, right?,” he said. “I feel like you have to go in with that mindset that it’s you and the ball. The defender is not even there. Just go and elevate and get the ball and you’ll come down with it.”

Here is some of an Odunze scouting report from The Draft Network:

Rome Odunze has the combination of height, weight, and speed that NFL teams look for in an X-receiver. He added 15 pounds before the season to improve his physicality and it worked. He dominates at the catch point and plays well through contact. Michael Penix Jr. trusts Odunze in big-time moments to either win or close a game late. The combination of hand-eye-coordination, leaping ability, and body control surely made trusting Odunze easier in 2023. His functional strength is evident once the ball is in his hands to generate yards after catch. …

Odunze is an outstanding wide receiver prospect. He projects as a potential star WR1 for an NFL offense. His alignment versatility paired with impressive height, weight, and speed provides an OC with a chess piece on offense. Odunze can win with route-running, speed, and ball skills. He is a plus run blocker that gives full effort. He is a complete wide receiver prospect and a day-one starter as a rookie.

There would be a significant amount of joy in the Giants’ organization, and the fan base, if they were able to select either of these players in the 2024 NFL Draft a few weeks from now.

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