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NFL schedule rumor has Rams visiting Lions on opening Sunday Night Football

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By: Kenneth Arthur

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Lions-Rams on SNF is nothing if not logical

The Los Angeles Rams and Detroit Lions have quickly developed a rivalry in the past couple of seasons and though that connection remains friendly, games between the two franchises are still of considerable interest to NFL fans around the league. It’s not just Rams and Lions fans who think it is interesting when Matthew Stafford faces off against Jared Goff, it’s the whole lot of people who follow the league because these are two former number one overall picks now competing for NFC supremacy after being traded for one another.

That’s why rumors of the Lions hosting the Rams in Week 1 on Sunday Night Football are so logical that it doesn’t matter that much whether the source is Adam Schefter or a random corner of the Internet. And no, to be fair the source is not Adam Schefter.

But Rams-Lions in Week 1? It’s sensible.

Since trading Goff for Stafford in 2021, the Rams have played against the Lions two times:

2021: Rams 28, Lions 19

2023 wild card: Lions 24, Rams 23

Stafford is a Super Bowl winner with two playoff trips in three seasons with L.A. Goff went to the Super Bowl with the Rams and helped the Lions reach the NFC Championship last season, their deepest playoff run since 1990. He is also now the highest-paid player in Lions history, beating any marks held by Stafford.

It is so logical that Rams-Lions will be on primetime that it is beyond indisputable. The only thing to question is whether or not that game is Sunday Night Football (it should be) and if it is Week 1 (it could be).

Overall, this is just a dumb rumor. But with the schedule to be announced in 24 hours, we will soon now just how dumb or smart the rumor is.