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Dominick Puni Would Give the Commanders Depth with Upside on the Offensive Line

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By: gavalon55

Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2024 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Commanders

Dominick Puni, OL

School: University of Kansas | Conference: Big 12

College Experience: Redshirt Senior | Draft Age: 24

Height / Weight: 6’4” 320 lbs

Projected Draft Status: 3rd-4th round

Player Comparison: Matthew Bergeron / Austin Corbett

Player Overview

Puni is a multi-role offensive lineman who projects to be a guard at the professional level. He started his collegiate career playing for Central Missouri University for 4 years before transferring to the University of Kansas for his last 2 years. Puni earned All-Big 12 honors via AP and Coaches. and he was a 2024 Senior Bowl invitee.

Puni played multiple positions but primarily tackle, finishing his last year at Kansas at left tackle. He offers great athleticism at the position combined with motor and effort. In Kansas, he played in a zone scheme with gap principles. Play calls primarily involved RPO (Run-Pass Option) and heavy amounts of motions.


  • Great body build, wide frame to go with great play strength.
  • Played along the offensive line: LT (25 starts), LG (13 starts), RT (3 starts).
  • Plays with physicality and excellent effort. A touch of nastiness.
  • Has a strong anchor to handle bull rushes and inside moves.
  • Has the athleticism to get to the first and second level of run blocks.


  • Plays too upright. Has inconsistent kick slides.
  • Poor hand placement can lead to holding calls.
  • High play stance leads to issues mirroring defenders.
  • Struggles with good counter moves.

Let’s See His Work

Dominic Puni’s number is #67

Vs. Texas (2023)

Vs. Kansas State (2023)

Senior Bowl

Draft Network Senior Bowl Interview

DN: What motivated you to accept the Senior Bowl’s offer?

Dominick Puni: I know the best of the best is going to be in attendance. Throughout my career, I don’t feel like I’ve received an opportunity to showcase the full range of my abilities. I’m going to get that opportunity at the Senior Bowl.

I’m looking forward to the challenge. Getting that invite to the Senior Bowl is something every kid dreams about. Growing up playing football, you always hear about the Senior Bowl. All of that factored into my decision to accept the invite.

DN: What are you hoping to prove to NFL general managers, coaching staffs, and scouts in attendance in Mobile?

Dominick Puni: The first thing I’m looking to prove is that I can play every position on the offensive line. I can play tackle, guard, and center. I just want to prove that I’m one of the best players in college football. I feel like I deserve to be mentioned with the best of the best. I’m ready to showcase it.

DN: You played four seasons at D-II program Central Missouri before transferring to Kansas. You had zero FBS or FCS offers coming out of high school. What a crazy story. How do you reflect on the journey?

Dominick Puni: It’s funny, I don’t feel like I’ve really had time to reflect on it yet (laughs). It’s been one thing after another. It’s crazy. When I first entered the transfer portal, I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be. Honestly, I just wanted to play Power 5 football and prove that I could do it at that level. I wanted to prove it to myself.

DN: How would you describe your skill set in your own words? Self-scout yourself.

Dominick Puni: If I had to quickly summarize, I would say that I’m athletic and versatile. No matter what, no matter how I do the job, I’m going to get it done. It doesn’t always look pretty. The job gets done. That’s my approach to every single rep, to get the job done by any means necessary.

DN: You’ve played both guard and tackle. I imagine you’ll play both in Mobile. You also mentioned center. What position do you see yourself ultimately playing in the NFL?

Dominick Puni: If I had to pick one, I’d probably say guard. I think I’ll end up as a guard at the next level. I’m comfortable playing every position though. I’ve played left tackle more than anything in college. I’ve dabbled at guard. I played guard last year. I played center during spring ball. I’ve gotten the hang of it. I’m comfortable with every position.

DN: If you had to compare yourself to a current NFL offensive lineman, who would you choose and why?

Dominick Puni: That’s a tough question. I don’t even know. I don’t want to compare myself to one of the greats (laughs). Remember when I said my game is all about getting the job done? I feel like Trent Williams does that but in a very special way. His technique is different from most. Obviously, he’s a freak athlete, too. He gets the job done in different ways. I definitely look up to Trent Williams. That’s my favorite player right there.

DN: He’s an all-time great. What can you achieve at the Senior Bowl that you can’t at other pre-draft events?

Dominick Puni: I’m excited to compete against the best players in college football. I’ve been paying attention to who’s accepted invites across the offensive and defensive lines. It’s looking like it’s going to be a stacked year in Mobile. You can’t get that anywhere else. I’m so excited to display my talents.

How Will He Fit On The Team

Washington has begun retooling their offensive line personnel with the release of starters Charles Leno Jr. and Nick Gates. Outside of finding new starters, there’s also the need for new depth. If the offense will be deploying a zone blocking scheme, Puni would be a nice fit bringing versatility with a physical playing style. He can serve as immediate depth in case of injury or even possibly a starter, preferably as an interior offensive lineman. Regardless of whether Puni is seen as a potential starter or depth, he is a player Washington would want in their offensive line room.

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