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Minneapolis could be hosting the NFL Combine in the near future

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By: Christopher Gates

Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

That could be interesting

For at least as long as I can remember, the National Football League has hosted its Underwear Olympics. . .you might know it as the NFL Scouting Combine. . .in Indianapolis, whether it was at the old RCA Dome or at Lucas Oil Stadium. However, the location could be moving in the near future to a place that’s near and dear to the hearts of Minnesota Vikings fans.

Longtime NFL scribe Paul Kuharsky is reporting that representatives from four cities are in Indianapolis this week to explore the possibility of hosting the Scouting Combine in the near future. The contract that Indianapolis has with the event runs through the 2025 event and the league might be looking to relocate it after that.

Minneapolis is one of the four cities that is a part of that contingent, along with representatives from Las Vegas, Nashville, and Phoenix.

It’s not surprising to see that Minneapolis is a possibility given some of the recent news that’s come out about the Vikings. The annual report card from the NFL Players Association rated the Vikings’ franchise as the second-best in the league (a year after they were #1) and U.S. Bank Stadium is consistently rated as one of the league’s best stadiums.

When compared to the other three potential new locations, the weather in Minneapolis is the only one of the four where weather could be an issue. You’ll recall when U.S. Bank Stadium hosted the Super Bowl back in February of 2018 and all anyone in the media did was complain for a week about how cold it was in the Twin Cities. That might not be a problem in Nashville and it definitely wouldn’t be a problem in Vegas or Phoenix. Then again, the event has been in Indianapolis for about forty years, which isn’t exactly a warm-weather paradise.

There hasn’t been any indication given as to when the league might know whether or not they’re relocating the Scouting Combine, but there’s at least a slight possibility that it could end up in our backyard.

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