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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 14 May 2024

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By: Mark P

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News and Links

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Vikings Make Move Toward Kirk Cousins Tampering Settlement: Report

The Minnesota Vikings have taken a step toward a resolution with the Atlanta Falcons‘ alleged tampering with Kirk Cousins, according to Pioneer Press columnist Charley Walters.
In a May 12 column, Walters reported that the Vikings have “strongly appealed” the tampering charge that is expected to reach arbitration.
“There’s whispering that the Vikings have strongly appealed a Falcons tampering charge in the signing of Cousins that’s expected to end up in arbitration,” Walters wrote.
Andrew Krammer of the Star Tribune addressed the matter on May 7 and put to rest the misconception that the Vikings would be compensated:
Whatever the punishment, I don’t believe it will directly impact the Vikings beyond possibly moving up a draft spot because the Falcons had to forfeit a pick or two.
NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy confirmed that the league’s investigation is ongoing. There is precedent to believe a punishment would solely impact the Falcons, like how the [Miami] Dolphins forfeited multiple draft picks after the league found they tampered with quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Sean Payton.
There seems to be a misconception that the Vikings could swap picks because that’s what the [Arizona] Cardinals and [Philadelphia] Eagles did for a tampering case over Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon.
However, the Cardinals self-reported the violation and the two teams worked out a resolution. In this case, Cousins indicated at a news conference that he’d communicated with Falcons officials before it was allowed.

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