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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 29 February 2024

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By: Mark P

Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

“Life must be understood backward. But it must be lived forward .” – Søren Kierkegaard

NFL Combine workouts start today!

We might see some real MOOBS!

Defensive Line and Linebackers are up today

Defensive Backs and Tight Ends tomorrow

Running Backs, Quarterbacks, and Wide Receivers on Saturday

Offensive Line on Sunday

Since yore last open thread

Vikings Rank #2 Overall in 2024 NFLPA Report Card

Other News

Kevin O’Connell lays out ‘non-negotiables’ for prospect quarterbacks

“Any NFL quarterback who is going to sustain a long career in this league has to be accurate,” O’Connell said. “They have to be able to process information, they have to have a certain baseline level of toughness to play the position because we ask them to do not only mentally hard things but it’s a physically hard position with what happens each Sunday.”

Matthew Coller: On Justin Jefferson, Moneyball and Minnesota sports history

Speaking of successful teams, outside of the Chiefs, who have the greatest QB of a generation, clubs with elite receivers have been having a lot of success lately. The top paid receivers are Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, Cooper Kupp, AJ Brown and Stefon Diggs. Hill’s team led the NFL in passing, Adams drove Aaron Rodgers’ two MVP awards, Kupp was the offensive player of the year and won the Super Bowl, Brown was three points from a Super Bowl and Diggs’ team has won four straight division titles since he arrived.
Jefferson’s impact on his quarterback is so immense that you vastly improve the odds of your quarterback playing great by having him, whether it’s Kirk or no Kirk. When JJ has been targeted over his career, he’s turned Cousins into an MVP. His QB rating on throws in his direction is 111.8 and he’s the only WR in the NFL to grade over 90 for the last four seasons in a row by PFF.
Did acquiring Diggs not help Josh Allen become an MVP-caliber QB? Did AJ Brown’s presence in Philly not help Jalen Hurts get to the Super Bowl? Did Brown’s absence not crush Tennessee’s QBs as they tried failingly to replace him in the draft? Is Brock Purdy out there doing it by himself or with All-Pro Deebo Samuel, the seventh highest paid receiver in the league? Decent quarterbacks can play great when their receivers make every play. Decent quarterbacks can get exposed when they do not have those guys.

Yore Mock with a Q&D Plan

Starting Cap Space
2024: $35,807,132
2025: $139,489,530


Cut H. Smith and D. Lowry
Extend Kork – 2 yr 90M
Extend JJ – 4 yr 140M
Extend Hunter – 3 yr 75M
Extend Wonnum – 2 yr 13M
Sign DT – DJ Reader 3 yr 48M
Sign OG – Jon Runyan 3 yr 18M
Sign LB – Tyrel Dodson 3 yr 18M
Sign DT – Raekwon Davis – 2yr 10M
Sign CB – Akhello Witherspoon – 4 yr 36M
Sign EDGE – Yetur-Gross Matos 2 yr 7.5M
Sign OG – Sua Opeta 2 yr 6M
Sign OL – Blake Brandel 1 yr 2.25M
Sign DT – Khyiris Tonga 1 yr 2.25M
Sign TE – Johnny Mundt 1 yr 1.375M
Sign WR – Brandon Powell 1 yr 1.375M
Sign OC – Austin Shclottmann 1 yr 1.225M
Sign OL – Oli Udoh 1 yr 1.225M
Pick up ERFA deals of Muse and TJ Smith


Ending Cap Space
2024: $11,886,752 (67 players)
2025: ($4,562,920) (36 players)

In 2025, the team could restructure O’Neill and Hockenson, cut Ham, Bradbury, Oliver, and Booth to get up to 21M in cap space.

Depth Chart before draft …
QB: Kork, Mullens, Hall
RB: Mattison, Chandler, Nwangu, McBride, Gaskin
WR: Jefferson, Nailor, Knowles, Harry
WR: Addison, Powell, L. Jackson, T. Jackson, Thomas, Baldwin
TE: Hockenson, Oliver, Mundt, Muse
LT: Darrisaw, Udoh, Adenji
LG: Runyan, Opeta, Byrd
OC: Bradbury, Schlottmann
RG: Ingram, Opeta, Robinson
RT: O’Neill, Brandel, Cronk
DE: Davis, Roy, TJ Smith
DT: Reader, Tonga
DE: Phillips
LOLB: Hunter, Jones II, Carter
ROLB: Wonnum, Matos-Gross
LILB: Dodson, Asamoah
RILB: Pace Jr, Kwenkeu, Beauplan
LCB: Murphy, Booth, Joejuan Williams, Green
RCB: Witherspoon, Evans, Blackmon, Jaylin Williams
NB: Metellus, Thompson
SS: Jackson, Lewis
FS: Bynum, Ward
P: Wright
LS: DePaola

Trade Partner: Bengals
Sent: Pick 11
Received: Pick 18, Pick 49, 2025 CIN 4th

Trade Partner: Cardinals
Sent: Pick 42, 2025 1st
Received: Pick 27, Pick 90

18. Jared Verse EDGE Florida State 6’4” 260

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 25 Florida State at Florida
Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

27. J.J. McCarthy QB Michigan 6’3’ 202

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

49. Zach Frazier OC West Virginia 6’2.5” 314

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 12 West Virginia at Houston
Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

90. Leonard Taylor DT Miami (FL) 6’3.1” 304

Georgia Tech v Miami
Photo by Brandon Sloter/Image Of Sport/Getty Images

109. Brenden Rice WR USC 6’2.1” 212

Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

130. Cam Hart CB Notre Dame 6’2.7” 204

Notre Dame v Navy
Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

156. Marist Liufau LB Notre Dame 6’2.0” 239

Notre Dame v Stanford
Photo by Brandon Sloter/Image Of Sport/Getty Images

166. Isaac Guerendo RB Louisville 5’11.6” 220

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 27 DIRECTV Holiday Bowl - Louisville vs USC
Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

179. Dallin Holker TE Colorado State 6’5” 235

Colorado State v Colorado
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

228. Joshua Karty K Stanford 6’1.6” 208

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: FEB 01 Reese’s Senior Bowl
Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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