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Raiders quarterback 2024: Russell Wilson?

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By: Bill Williamson

Russell Wilson | Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Would you like to see Wilson in Silver and Black?

The biggest question of the Las Vegas Raiders’ offseason will be who will be the team’s starting quarterback in 2024.

The Raiders can go several different routes. They can try to draft a quarterback (either with a trade up or taking on at their current slot of No. 13), they can trade for a quarterback such as Chicago’s Justin Fields or they can sign a free agent. One possibility could end up being Russell Wilson. He is expected to be released by the Denver Broncos and then hit the open market.

We will soon dive into the pros and cons of a Wilson pursuit by Las Vegas. But first, we want to know what our community members feel.

Would you be good if the Raiders decided to sign Wilson and make him their starter for this season. He would likely be inexpensive, but he’d also be a short-term answer.

Do you think Wilson would be a good fit or would you rather see Las Vegas go in another direction?

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