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The 2024 Washington Commanders schedule is now official!

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By: Scott Jennings

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2024 Washington Commanders Schedule


Week 1 – @ New York Jets Date/Time TBD

Week 2 – @ Miami Dolphins Date/Time TBD

Week 3 – vs New England Patriots (August 25th, 8pm, NBC)

Week 1 – @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 2 – vs New York Giants

Week 3 – @ Cincinnati Bengals (MNF)

Week 4 – @ Arizona Cardinals

Week 5 – vs Cleveland Browns (October 6th, 1 pm, FOX)

Week 6 – @ Baltimore Ravens

Week 7 – vs Carolina Panthers

Week 8 – vs Chicago Bears

Week 9 – @ New York Giants

Week 10 – vs Pittsburgh Steelers(Sunday, November 10th)

Week 11 – @ Philadelphia Eagles (Thursday Night Football)

Week 12 – vs Dallas Cowboys

Week 13 – vs Tennessee Titans

Week 14 – BYE

Week 15 – @ New Orleans Saints (1pm, FOX)

Week 16 – vs Philadelphia Eagles (1pm)

Week 17 – vs Atlanta Falcons (Day/Time TBD)

Week 18 – @ Dallas Cowboys

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When you throw in the leaks that start appearing on Twitter as early as Tuesday or Wednesday, there’s not really much mystery left by the time of the official release at 8pm tonight; still, the NFL manages to turn it into a 2-hour TV event.

Video: How is the NFL Schedule Created? | NFL Explained

No fan is ever satisfied with his or her favorite team’s schedule; there’s always something (often many things) to complain about. Some fans wonder why the announcement of the schedule release date is sometimes delayed until the last minute (as it was this year). Putting the schedule together is incredibly complex. If you want to get the flavor of the complexity, watch the embedded video above.

The factors are crazy — stadium availability, holidays, travel distance, international games, television contracts — it’s mind boggling.

TV contracts, in particular, have changed this season, changing the dynamics of the schedule, but there have been other changes as well, such as the “Black Friday” games that will be played on the day after Thanksgiving. Also, teams are allowed to play two Thursday games this year, and not every team is guaranteed a prime-time game.

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