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The Vikings Rookie Minicamp & Roster Holes

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By: David Stefano

In this episode of ‘The Real Forno Show’, host Tyler Forness takes an in-depth look at the recent Minnesota Vikings rookie minicamp, discussing standout performances and key takeaways. The episode also covers the current gaps in the Vikings’ roster and the implications of Jared Goff’s contract extension. Tune in for comprehensive Vikings insights and analysis. SKOL!

In the latest episode of the Real Forno Show, host Tyler Forness and producer Dave covered a broad range of topics, offering analysis and commentary on everything from Jared Goff’s significant contract extension to the Minnesota Vikings’ rookie minicamp and the important role of character in drafting a quarterback.

A Deep Dive into Goff’s Massive Contract Extension

The conversation kicked off with a comprehensive examination of Detroit Lions’ quarterback Jared Goff’s contract extension. Forness expressed his concerns about the size and implications of the contract.

“Jared Goff just got a massive contract extension. Four years, $212 million with $170 million guaranteed,” Forness explained. “The Detroit Lions just gave themselves the new Kirk Cousins contract. Goff has been good, but he has an elite offensive line and a playcaller.”

Forness voiced his skepticism about the Lions’ ability to maintain their roster given the financial constraints imposed by Goff’s contract in the future.

“What happens when they’re not going to be able to continue to re-sign some of those players? They’re giving Amon-Ra St. Brown 30 million a year. That’s absurd. He is not that good. He is good. He is not 30 million a year good.”

The Kirk Cousins Conundrum: A Cautionary Tale?

Drawing parallels between Goff’s contract and Kirk Cousins’ contract with the Vikings, Forness suggested that the Lions could have potentially made a costly error.

“Goff isn’t a QB8 to QB15 somewhere in there, depending on how you value different traits and different things. It’s the Kirk Cousins conundrum. They tricked themselves into a Kirk Cousins contract,” Forness remarked.

Inside the Vikings’ Rookie Minicamp

Transitioning to the Minnesota Vikings’ rookie minicamp, Forness turned his focus to the team’s new quarterback, J.J. McCarthy. He shared some insights from McCarthy’s first practice and press conference with the team.

“McCarthy says, ‘For sure, a lot of value for the Vikings coming because they have specific footwork that they want all the quarterbacks to do. Just being introduced to it early on has been huge because right from the get-go, once they drafted me, that’s the footwork I started doing.’”

Forness also highlighted the importance of not just the players’ abilities on the field, but also their character off the field.

“If you’re going to draft a quarterback, your hope is one of the faces of your franchise, and there’s no real evaluation to that. There are a lot of positives that can come out of it watching them in that setting. JJ was absolutely that. I left campus that day thinking that we could build around JJ and McCarthy.”

Character Matters: A Final Thought

To wrap up, Forness emphasized the essential role character plays in assessing a player’s potential as a franchise quarterback. Referencing McCarthy’s respectful treatment of restaurant staff during a team meal, Forness noted that this kind of behavior tells a lot about a person’s character.

“If you respect servers, it tells a lot about who you are as a person right off the bat. It’s a big first impression. That’s why I like that they let all these guys pick where they wanted to go eat. I mean, obviously, they’re not paying for it and it’s just like, where do you like? And it’s like, hey, show us around your town,” he said.

According to Forness, the ability to demonstrate respect in everyday situations is a telling indicator of a player’s potential as a team leader and franchise face.

Analyzing J. J. McCarthy’s Performance

Tyler commended J. J. McCarthy’s performance at the Rookie Mini Camp, emphasizing the importance of learning from mistakes. McCarthy had thrown an interception during a drill, but Tyler saw this as an opportunity for growth.

“When an interception happens, you guys have heard me say it before. It’s never… No interception has the same story,” Tyler shared. He further explained that such incidents are crucial for learning and improving. “And that’s where I think it’s great that McCarthy threw an interception. I don’t want them to continue to throw interceptions, but if you’re going to throw them, throw them now. Learn from them. Be better for it.”

The Impact of Josh McCown

In the episode, Tyler also highlighted the potential impact of Josh McCown on the team, especially in guiding young players like McCarthy. He referenced a drill where McCown shared knowledge about throwing eight-yard stop routes, which underscored McCown’s valuable experience and his role as a mentor.

Slot Receiver Vs. Defensive Line: The Biggest Need

A significant portion of the episode was dedicated to discussing the team’s biggest need, with Tyler expressing frustration with the popular opinion that the slot receiver position should be the priority. He countered this viewpoint by arguing that the defensive line is in more urgent need of reinforcement.

“How do you look at this roster and say that slot receiver is the number one need?” Dave interjected, “I think he’s meaning wide receiver three.” Tyler questioned, “Even so, how do you look at this roster and say Wide Receiver 3 is the number one need on this team?”

Looking Ahead to the 2025 NFL Draft

Tyler and Dave also began laying the groundwork for discussions about the 2025 NFL Draft. They hinted at the team’s strategic approach to the draft, explaining how decisions made in the 2024 NFL Draft were influenced by potential prospects in 2025.

“We’re eventually going to start talking 2025 NFL Draft,” Tyler said, “and I think that might be Wednesday’s show.” He expressed excitement about the potential defensive line prospects in the 2025 draft and emphasized the importance of strategic planning in building a strong team.

The episode ended on a hopeful note, with the hosts expressing optimism for the team’s future. They looked forward to seeing how the Vikings’ roster evolves and develops in the upcoming season, and how strategic draft decisions will shape the team’s future.




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