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By: David Stefano

In this episode of “Two Old Bloggers on Vikings 1st & SKOL,” Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano delve into Kirk Cousins’ increasing visibility ahead of free agency, the Vikings’ decision to release Alexander Mattison, the hiring of Josh McCown as the quarterbacks coach, and the team’s high praise in the NFL team report cards. The duo also interpret comments from the Vikings’ leadership at the NFL Combine, suggesting a potential parting of ways between the Vikings and Cousins. SKOL!

In the recent episode of ‘Two Old Bloggers’, seasoned commentators Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano bring their expertise to the fore, dissecting the latest happenings in the Minnesota Vikings camp. This post offers a comprehensive summary of their engaging discussion.

Topics covered by Darren and Dave include Kirk Cousins increasing his visibility ahead of free agency, the Vikings’ notification to release Alexander Mattison, raising questions about the team’s running back position. The team has hired Josh McCown as the quarterbacks coach and received high praise in the NFL team report cards. The leadership’s comments at the NFL Combine suggest a potential parting of ways between the Vikings and Cousins. Along with more Vikingsland updates.

Kirk Cousins: A Master at the Marketing Game

The episode kicked off with an enlightening analysis of Kirk Cousins’ marketing strategies. Known for his football prowess, Cousins’ off-field activities have also been making headlines, particularly his shrewd marketing moves. Darren applauded Cousins and his team for their calculated promotion strategies that have successfully put Cousins in the limelight, from interviews, and dancing at the NFL Honors show, to throwing footballs from a tennis court, making him an attractive prospect for many teams.

The duo agreed that Cousins’ marketing acumen has played a pivotal role in maximizing his value, potentially setting him up for a lucrative final contract. Despite some criticism, they concluded that Cousins’ marketing approach was not only justified but also commendable, given the competitive landscape of the NFL.

The Alexander Mattison Saga: Unraveling the Vikings’ Running Back Strategy

As the conversation progressed, Darren and Dave delved into the recent decision of the Vikings to release running back Alexander Mattison. Darren initially believed the team would retain Madison due to his low cost and the physically demanding nature of the running back position. However, he acknowledged that the decision to release him was reasonable, given Mattison’s underwhelming performance last year.

The announcement has sparked debates about who will fill the running back position. The hosts speculated on potential replacements, throwing around names like Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs, and Devin Singletary. They acknowledged the depth of this free agency class and the potential impact it could have on the Vikings’ running back room.

A New Era: Josh McCown Joins the Vikings Coaching Staff

The episode concluded on an exciting note as the hosts discussed the recent addition of Josh McCown to the Vikings’ coaching staff. Despite the controversy surrounding McCown’s past with Drake May, Darren and Dave focused on McCown’s potential contributions to the team and specifically the quarterback room. They expressed optimism about his capacity to bring a fresh perspective and add valuable insights to the team.

The NFL Players Association Report Card: A Closer Look

The guys dove into the NFL Players Association Report Card. Darren and Dave highlighted that the Vikings were ranked second, narrowly beaten by the Miami Dolphins. This ranking denotes that the Vikings have done an exceptional job in creating a conducive work environment for their players.

Darren and Dave noted that the report card described Minnesota, along with Miami, as setting a new standard for what it means to run a world-class NFL workplace. This high praise is significant, especially given the fiercely competitive nature of the NFL.

The Vikings’ Facilities: A World-Class Work Environment

The bloggers then shifted their focus to the specifics of the Vikings’ facilities and work culture. They praised the team’s state-of-the-art facilities, pointing out the well-equipped locker room, the ice pools for recovery, and the aesthetically designed meeting spaces. Dave drew a parallel between the Vikings’ facilities and those of the Dolphins, noting the similarity in their building setups.

The discussion emphasized that such a conducive work environment encourages players to concentrate solely on their performance, thereby contributing to the team’s overall success. The Vikings’ facilities, according to Darren and Dave, stand head and shoulders above many other teams in the league, setting a benchmark for others to emulate.

Ownership and Leadership: The Wilf Family’s Commitment

The conversation then turned to the critical role of the team’s leadership. The Wilf family, the Vikings’ owners, received high praise from Darren and Dave. They applauded the family’s commitment to providing top-notch facilities and a favorable work environment, which they believe plays a significant role in attracting and keeping players and staff.

Darren pointed out that the Vikings scored highly in several categories, including coaching, training facilities, training staff, and ownership. He believes that such high ratings could help the Vikings attract and retain the players they want.

The Impact of Free Agency and Draft

As the conversation moved towards the upcoming free agency period and the 2024 draft, Darren and Dave underlined these events’ importance in shaping the Vikings’ future. They acknowledged that losing Cousins could have a significant impact but also expressed confidence in the team’s ability to find a suitable replacement.

The duo emphasized that while the loss of Cousins could cause some short-term disruption, it may offer an opportunity for new talent to step up and shine.

With the right mix of players, sound leadership, and an environment that fosters growth and development, they believe the Vikings have a bright future. They underlined that maintaining high standards in all aspects of the organization is crucial to achieving long-term success.

The Kirk Cousins Situation: What Lies Ahead?

The topic of Kirk Cousins and his future with the Vikings took center stage next. While acknowledging Cousins’ talent and contribution to the team, both bloggers expressed their doubts about his return. They cited contract demands and potential competing offers as factors that may influence his decision.

They stressed that while they could see Cousins continue with the Vikings, it should not be at any cost. The financial implications of retaining Cousins were seen as a significant factor that could impact the team’s ability to build a well-rounded roster.

Quarterback Conundrums: Examining the Kirk Cousins Dilemma

Interpreting comments coming out of the NFL Scouting Combine hosts Darren Campbell and Dave Stefano kicked off the conversation with a deep dive into the Vikings’ quarterback situation. They highlighted an intriguing point made by Kwesi Adofo-Mensah during a recent press conference, where he outlined two crucial factors he looks for in a quarterback: the ability to deliver the ball on time and the knack to turn a negative play into something positive.

These attributes sparked a lively discussion between Darren and Dave, particularly when considering the standing quarterback, Kirk Cousins. While Cousins has shown a consistent ability to deliver timely, accurate passes, his skill in transforming disadvantageous plays into positive outcomes has been less consistent. This observation led to speculation that the Vikings might be considering other options, such as Jayden Daniels, who has demonstrated his competence in making something out of nothing on numerous occasions.

The Trade Debate: Balancing Draft Capital with Team Depth

Transitioning from the quarterback discussion, Darren and Dave broached the subject of potential trades. They discussed the possibility of the Vikings trading away a significant portion of their draft capital to secure a top quarterback in the upcoming draft. However, the hosts raised concerns about how such a move might impact the team’s depth, particularly on the defense side, which General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah recently identified as an area in need of bolstering.

The hosts weighed the merits and pitfalls of such a strategy, noting that while acquiring a highly-rated quarterback could significantly improve the team’s offensive prowess, it might also leave them vulnerable in other areas. They emphasized the importance of a balanced team, hinting at the possibility that the Vikings could opt for a more cautious approach, prioritizing depth and versatility over a high-profile quarterback acquisition.

Looking Ahead: Predictions and Expectations for the Vikings’ Future

As the discussion progressed, Darren and Dave turned their attention to the future, speculating on potential developments in the Vikings’ roster. They discussed the potential for the Vikings to trade Lewis Cine, a move that could alter the team’s safety room. How much? It would open a spot for another player. They also pondered the likelihood of some of the team’s key players, including Kirk Cousins and Danielle Hunter, parting ways with the Vikings.

The upcoming free agency period was another hot topic, with Darren and Dave expressing their eagerness to see how the Vikings’ management would navigate this critical period. They discussed the possibility of the team making strategic acquisitions to bolster their defense, as well as the potential for some surprise moves.

Wrapping Up: The Road Ahead for the Vikings

As the episode drew to a close, Darren and Dave reflected on the overarching themes of their discussion. They emphasized the importance of building a well-rounded and resilient team, capable of withstanding the inevitable ups and downs of a grueling NFL season. They acknowledged the significant role that the upcoming draft and free agency period would play in shaping the Vikings’ future, expressing their anticipation for the strategic decisions that lie ahead.

In their closing remarks, the hosts underlined the importance of patience, resilience, and strategic foresight in building a successful NFL team. They reminded their listeners that while securing a top-tier quarterback is a significant goal, it should not come at the expense of overall team depth and balance.



Overall, the episode offered a comprehensive and insightful analysis of the current state of the Vikings, providing listeners with plenty to ponder as they await the team’s next moves.

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