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Vikings Rank #2 Overall in 2024 NFLPA Report Card

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By: Warren Ludford

Vikings & Dolphins in top tier in running a world-class NFL franchise

The second annual NFLPA player report card of each NFL franchise was released today and the Minnesota Vikings once again ranked in the top tier of the 32 NFL franchises, ranking #2 overall. They were the top ranked franchise last year, switching spots with #2 Miami this year. The rankings also included new categories ranking coaches and ownership as well.

Overall, here is what the NFLPA had to say about the Vikings:

Minnesota, along with Miami, have separated themselves into their own tier in terms of what it means to run a world-class NFL workplace. The Vikings continue to impress across all categories in our second annual survey. Their facilities are incredible; their staff is rated highly by players; and the workplace experience for Vikings players is enhanced by the continued commitment by ownership to providing a world-class experience for players. As an example, Vikings players unanimously believe that their strength staff contribute to their success by supporting each player with the best possible individualized plan; and for the second straight year, Kevin O’Connell stands out as a head coach for whom players enjoy working.

Zygi Wilf ranks second among all club owners and ownership groups, which shows how much confidence players have in his willingness to create a workplace that, in many areas, sets the standard across the NFL.

That is high praise that comes from the players- those that experience first-hand what the Vikings do as an employer.

How the Vikings Graded in Each Category

The Vikings graded well in every category, ranking in the top ten in every category and 1st or 2nd in eight of the eleven categories. Their worst grade was a B. Below is the Vikings grade and rank in every category, along with a bit of description from the NFLPA in what went into the grade:

Treatment of Families: A (1st)

  • They provide a family room at the stadium
  • They provide daycare on game days

Food/Cafeteria: B+ (7th)

  • They rank 7th overall in food taste
  • They rank 7th overall in food freshness

Nutritionist/Dietician: A (1st)

  • The players give their dietician the highest individual grade of any dietician in the NFL
  • 96% of players feel like they get an individualized plan (4th overall)

Locker Room: A (1st)

  • 100% of players feel like the locker room is big enough (1st overall)
  • 96% of players feel like they have enough room in their individual lockers (4th overall)

Training Room: A- (2nd)

  • 92% of players feel they have enough full-time trainers (8th overall)
  • 92% of players feel they have enough full-time physical therapists (7th overall)
  • 98% of players feel they have enough hot tub space (4th overall)
  • 98% of players feel they have enough cold tub space (5th overall)

Training Staff: B (9th)

  • 88% of players feel like they receive enough one-on-one treatment (13th overall)
  • The players feel that the training staff moderately contributes to their success (9th overall)

As an aside here, the Vikings made a change to their training staff this off-season, letting go head trainer Uriah Myrie.

Weight Room: A (8th)

  • The players feel that they have high-quality equipment in their weight room (4th overall)
  • The players feel like they have more than enough space in the weight room (11th Overall)

Strength Coaches: A (1st)

  • The players give their head strength coach the second-highest individual grade across the NFL
  • 100% of players feel like they get an individualized plan (1st overall)
  • The players feel that the strength coaches significantly contribute to their success (2nd overall)

Team Travel: A- (2nd)

  • The players’ ratings of their travel schedule places position it as the second best in the NFL
  • 94% of the players feel like they have a comfortable amount of personal space during flights (5th overall)
  • The Vikings do not make any players have roommates before games

Head Coach: A+ (2nd)

The players give high ratings to Kevin O’Connell, making him the second highest ranked head coach in the NFL.

  • 98% of players feel Kevin O’Connell is efficient with their time (5th overall)
  • The players believe Kevin O’Connell is very willing to listen to the locker room (1st overall)

That is high praise from the players for their head coach. Only Andy Reid scored higher.

Ownership: A+ (2nd)

  • Club owner Zygi Wilf receives a rating of 9.7/10 from Vikings players when considering his willingness to invest in the facilities (2nd overall)

The Vikings and Dolphins ownership were the only two franchises to receive an A+ grade for ownership.


Additionally, the NFLPA also ranked offensive, defensive, and special teams coordinators. The Vikings had two of their coordinators ranked among the top five:

I’m not sure how Vikings’ offensive coordinator Wes Phillips was ranked, as so far only the top five have been made available.

Overall, the Vikings’ players seem well pleased with their coaching staff, ranking head coach Kevin O’Connell, defensive coordinator Brian Flores, and special teams coordinator Matt Daniels among the top five in the league.

Bottom Line

The Vikings are clearly one of the most well-regarded franchises in the league for the second straight year, and in the top tier of all franchises, along with the Dolphins, which have separated from the rest of the pack in overall grading.

The Vikings were the only team to receive A+ grades for both head coach and ownership- the two highest weighted categories on the report card- and had 2 of only 8 A+ grades received for any category for any team.

These rankings by the NFLPA have value when it comes to free agency, which is just around the corner. Players want to play for a team that cares about them and provides the best facilities, coaching and top specialized athletic health care, and that factors into their decision on what offer they decide to accept.

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