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How will the NY Jets’ roster and playing time battles shake out?

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By: Rivka Boord

The New York Jets have several interesting roster and playing time questions

Some New York Jets fans think Allen Lazard may be on his way out the door.

Those fans may not be delusional, but they’re 100% wrong. The Jets owe Lazard $10 million guaranteed, and Aaron Rodgers loves him. Those two incontrovertible facts will not only keep him with the Jets but likely give him a bigger role than he deserves in 2024.

Just how big that role will be is the subject of discussion. Jets fans think of Malachi Corley as the starting slot receiver, but the current hierarchy in 11 personnel is Garrett Wilson in the slot with Mike Williams and Lazard on the outside. Where the Lazard/Corley delineation is remains to be seen.

So much of this depends on Rodgers’ preferences. He tends not to like to throw to rookies, but Corley is staying in his guest house. Will that change anything? How will Lazard’s atrocious 2023 season change anything in Rodgers’ eyes? Will he use Wilson as a Davante Adams-level target or spread the ball around more? How will the tight end and running back rooms factor in?

In this episode of The Score Boord podcast, I discuss how playing time will be divided up at receiver, safety, and defensive tackle. Some of the expectations from fans are a little distorted based on the signals the Jets have been sending out with their player acquisitions (and lack thereof).

Other topics I address:

  • The report that the Jets sought to bring in a different coach to call plays while leaving Nathaniel Hackett as offensive coordinator in name
  • Expectations for Breece Hall in 2024
  • The Jets’ run defense concerns
  • The non-injury fears that could sink the Jets
  • Who the kick and punt returner will be

You can listen to the full episode here.

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