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Open thread: How should the Lions think about quarterback depth in 2024?

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By: Kyle Yost

Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

After Jared Goff remains plenty of unknowns.

With the retirement of Teddy Bridgewater, the Detroit Lions quarterback room is back down to Jared Goff and Hendon Hooker. While Goff is not at risk for losing his job, there is not much else certain behind him. As the Lions firmly plant themselves amongst the Super Bowl contenders, suddenly the QB2 (and potentially QB3) role feels much more important.

Hooker was always a developmental product who was expected to spend 2023 out injured, while Bridgewater was the break-glass option who was thankfully never needed. Though Hooker is now healthy, there is no one currently on the roster with any NFL experience behind Goff, and that is a tricky situation heading into 2024.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

How should the Lions think about quarterbacks in 2024?

My answer: Hooker was always an interesting draft choice given his age, and it is tough to really consider him the Quarterback of the Future. I do think it would be wise for the Lions to see what they have in the rising sophomore, but more as quarterback depth than as a Goff replacement. As soon as 2025 I could see the team being in a stable enough spot to just roll with Goff and Hooker and feel fairly secure.

That being said, the situation looks much different in 2024. Can the Lions trust Hooker to take over — even for a short stint — should Goff go down? I am not comfortable with that for a team with championship aspirations. Therefore, Detroit needs to find another cheap veteran option in the Bridgewater mold. The addition of the Emergency Third Quarterback should help a bit with gameday management, but the Lions need to carry three quarterbacks on the roster this season.

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