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OTL: Ravens Continue to Fill Out Roster

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By: Jared Pinder

As the NFL offseason cycle continues, the Ravens are starting to fill up some much-needed depth. Some signings, some additional meetings…let’s review.

This is a solid move by EDC. Tackle depth is one of the biggest issues with the team right now, and Josh Jones brings experience and youth to a room that needs it. Jones isn’t a stud by any means, but he is a versatile depth piece.

Jones has played on both sides of the line and has shown flexibility to move between tackle and guard. Again, don’t expect him to be this game-wrecking talent. He’s a young, versatile piece that can hopefully develop and flourish under OL Coach Joe D’Allesandris.

They also brought back a familiar face in LB Chris Board.

Board was with the Ravens for four seasons from 2018-21, then spent a season each in Detroit and New England.

Now for a meeting that honestly does nothing for me:

Michael Gallup used to be an insanely productive receiver for the Cowboys. Since he tore his ACL in 2021, he has been bad. People complained about OBJ having bad stats last year, but Gallup’s were worse than Beckham’s. He is a bigger body, and when he was young and healthy, he could actually separate, but those days are over. When I watch Gallup play, I don’t see a guy who just needs a chance to bounce back; I see a guy whose best days are behind him and who never recovered from a devastating injury.

The Ravens also are bringing in Josh Reynolds for a visit today. He would be OK depth, but again, like Gallup, not a true impact player. While I’d prefer Reynolds over Gallup, these aren’t star players. They’re not moving the needle.

Now, let’s get to Mock Draft Friday. Today’s Mock, to me, is the dream fit at pick 30 that needs to happen.

At this point, Fautanu is not only a dream pick, but a pipe dream pick. There is no way this happens in the real world, but let’s dream a little. I have watched five games for my evaluation, and I have seen but one flaw: his short arms. Outside of that, I got nothing. I genuinely believe he should go in the top 10 of the draft, and it is unbelievable that he was available in this mock.

What is crazy is that he projects better at guard than tackle, so the Ravens could pull the Jonathan Ogden blueprint if they wanted to. This would be an unbelievable pick if it happened, and EDC would need a statue outside the bank if he got Fautanu.

Pearsall has been one of the highest risers for me this year. I wasn’t too impressed by him in his first couple of games, but then he put up great numbers at the Combine. This performance got me to go back and watch, and I was impressed with the other games I watched. He is a big body, with deep speed and would add that versatility to the corps right now. After a trade down, I got Blake Fisher, who is just rock solid and now guarantees that the Ravens are pretty much injury-proof at tackle. Masson Smith is a big, strong interior presence who’s begging for better coaching. Ellis is a player I explained last week, but his pre-injury tape is still too good not to take the risk this late. Javion Cohen is a dart throw at athleticism, Williams is a versatile defensive back who can play multiple positions. Steele is a receiving back with good tape, and Muasua is a flier at linebacker.

The Ravens continue to fill the roster with depth signings, and hopefully, they choose well.

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