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OTL: RSR in the House at NFL Combine!

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By: Jared Pinder

This week started a big draft season week, the NFL Combine. These numbers are not the end-all-be-all when it comes to the process, with watching the tape still being the best way to evaluate, but it provides context to the tape. If you think a prospect is fast, the combine can confirm that. It works on the flip side, though, as a prospect, if you didn’t think he flashed on film but had a big week, the Combine numbers will make you, as an evaluator, go back and look at the film.

Speaking of the Combine, RSR’s own Nikhil Mehta is in the house!

Be sure to follow Nikhil all weekend for updates from the perspective of a fellow member of the Flock.

Usually, we wait for Mock Draft Friday, but with the Combine on our minds, we’ll get right to it this week.


This mock gave me a ton of value when it comes to the trenches, and the Ravens are going to need it with the way this roster currently looks. I personally love Troy Fontanu. He plays fast and physical and gives the team a great option at tackle this year, and it gives us an out to Ronnie Stanley and/or a plan for after Morgan Moses leaves next year. Ruke Orhorhoro did awesome yesterday in testing, as shown here:

Shout out to Kent Lee Platte for giving us these graphics. As you can see, he is a freak who, while a bit light, has the athletic tools that scream superstar. He reminds me of Justin Madibuike as a prospect, so why not pair the two up? Kris Abrams-Draine is a slot corner type that can come down hill and light you up. Unfortunately, we don’t have testing numbers for the defensive backs yet, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he runs well. Austin Booker is a small school guy with good athleticism and the type of player who can be a steal late if you develop him correctly. Shipley is a make-you-miss type of back that can catch the ball and make many house calls if he gets blocking. Brownlee Jr. is a developmental corner who flashes in man coverage. Rosemy-Jacksaint is a tall, big-bodied wide receiver who eats in the red zone, and Evan Williams is a safety who can play in the box and the slot with size.

While the focus has been on the Combine, there have been some other minor rumors.

The first is a move that just fits:

Jadeveon Clowney was a great sign for the Ravens last year, as he provided consistent production at Edge. That production was sorely lacking in other seasons, and a reunion with Clowney would be incredible. No idea where they sit on what it would take to get him back, but yes, I would love to see this.

Here’s another rumor that will generate much debate.

The debate about adding an expensive veteran running back goes back and forth. On the one hand, Baltimore has so many other needs that adding an expensive RB might be a strange priority. Then you consider that teams have to now plan against Lamar Jackson, the wideouts and tight ends, and an elite ball-toter as well. It would make the offense nearly unstoppable and might make the Ravens lean into the run game in critical moments (ahem).

Both angles of this argument have merit, and at this juncture, there is no way to determine if bringing in a high-priced back will help or hurt the team. If this move is in lieu of helping the defense as it loses a bunch of talent, then obviously, it wouldn’t be the best move. If they can sign King Henry and retain multiple players on defense while having a great Draft…then sure, the signing seems like a home run.

Enjoy the Combine, folks.

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