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Possible candidates for the Saints season opener at home

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By: B. Keith Crear III

Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

Who chould the Saints play against in the first home game?

The New Orleans Saints kicked off the 2023 season with a defensive slugfest, edging out the Tennessee Titans 16-15 at the Caesars Superdome. In a game dominated by field goals, it was the Saints’ defense and rookie kicker Blake Grupe who emerged as the heroes.

The 2024 NFL season hold the same type of excitement that culminates in New Orleans with Super Bowl LIX, and the Saints will be eager to kick things off in style to start a strong march for the big game. The 2023 season left the Saints with a bittersweet taste. A 9-8 record wasn’t a disaster, but it wasn’t enough to reach the playoffs. Now, with the offseason in full swing, Saints fans are eager to see how the team will bounce back in 2024. But who should they face in that crucial first game? Here are my thoughts:

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Atlanta Falcons: A familiar foe within the division, the Falcons could be a good measuring stick for the Saints’ progress. A win would set the tone for divisional dominance, while a loss wouldn’t necessarily be a season-ender. The tension between these two teams is ALWAYS fun to watch. Plus, Saints fans do love “Falcons Hate Week”.

New Orleans Saints v Houston Texans
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Houston Texans: This matchup is a wishful one. A matchup that’s happening this year. The Texans rarely play the Saints, but when they do, it’s a battle between neighboring stepsiblings. The crowd that this matchup generated in 2023 was intense. From the preseason game in the Caesars Superdome to the regular season game at NRG, this odd competitive match-up is always a crowd attraction. With how Coach Demeco Ryans has constructed the Texans for the 2024 which garnered a lot of media attention, a game with these two would have definitely been a big viewership grab in the Texas/Louisiana fan market.

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys: The rivalry between these two teams always draws a crowd. A week 1 matchup in the Superdome combined with electric with energy, would be a fantastic way to start the season. The Cowboys / Saints rivalry has been played 31 times, with the Dallas Cowboys winning 18 games and the New Orleans Saints winning 13 games. The challenge of facing Dak Prescott and the returning Ezekial Elliott on offense would be a significant test for the Saints’ revamped defense with their current additions.

NFL: DEC 31 Saints at Buccaneers
Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The division rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers would definitely be a crowd-drawing game and an exciting attraction for fans. The Bucs are consistently a strong team, and a tough opening game could set an interesting tone for the season. Since the Saints play Tampa Bay twice a year, anyway, spreading out these divisional matchups can create a more balanced and interesting schedule. With them both having a 9-8 record last year, kicking off a rival game with the Bucs would most definitely get the season off to a good start.

Who would you like to see the Saints to matchup against for the home opener? Let us know in the comments below.

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