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Prospect Profile: T’Vondre Sweat, iDL, Texas

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By: James Ogden

T’Vondre Sweat

iDL Texas 6-4 362 SR #93

ARM LENGTH: 33 1/4”//HAND SIZE: 10 1/8”//40YD: 5.27 //10YD: 1.8
VJ: 26” //BJ: 8’02” //BP: DNP//SS: DNP //3C: DNP

Projection: Starting DT. Scheme-diverse, doesn’t play much true Nose at Texas but undoubtedly could do it. Would not be out of place in a one-gap scheme. Draft Projection: Early-Mid Round 2 ~

Ravens Fit: It’s no secret that the Ravens had some interest in Jordan Davis two years ago, so they haven’t abandoned their pursuit of behemoth Defensive Linemen. Davis hasn’t entirely worked out yet in Philadelphia. Sweat is not quite as athletic as Davis was but he’s just as intriguing as an immoveable object against the run and somewhat of a force as a pass-rusher. He has outstanding hand usage in both phases and could be a genuine pass-rusher at the next level as well as a demon run defender. The heir to Michael Pierce and could be worth a high pick due to the potential impact on the passing game.

Overall Fit 4/5


Plays 3, 2 and 1 technique. Very rarely, if ever, plays as 0 technique.

Pass Rush

In obvious passing situations he has excellent upfield burst given his enormous size. He can match, if not beat other defenders off the ball in comparison across the line. He’s actually also excellent at softening angles to roll through the half man against the Guard when lined up as a three technique. What helps him come into his own as a pass-rusher, despite his size, is his hand usage, which is exceptional. He has remarkably powerful hands, that are always well placed and well timed. From there he can turn his blocker due to his sheer play strength but more often than not he will engage a solid rush plan. He marries his hands and feet well to create space and gives even fleet-footed interior Offensive Linemen trouble when facing him one-on-one.

He has an excellent jump-chop move that he can use to win quickly and has enough bend to get to the edge. When at the edge, he can use a swim or rip to finish the move and will throw his hand back to make a more efficient turn to the Quarterback. He does have limited hip fluidity so when he does turn the corner, he will only lay a finger on the QB if he’s unable to step up in the pocket. If the QB is mobile, has good pocket awareness and slides up in the pocket, he’s not able to round the corner again and chase him down from behind. He doesn’t look to simply push the pocket as a pass-rusher; he wants to win with his hands and has enough foot speed and good lateral movement to clear his counterpart and affect the passing game.

Vs Run

He is an excellent run defender and is often near-immoveable at the point of attack. He continues to use his excellent hand placement as well as the power and torque in his hands to dominate all types of Offensive Linemen. He diagnoses most types of blocks and can beat them quickly. He is tremendously difficult to cut-block and uses his foot speed and hands to stay clean and make plays on the ball-carrier. Against double teams, he’s able to both reset the level of the first blocker to engage with him as well as use the corkscrew technique to reduce his surface area. In either instance he will consistently occupy double teams, preventing vertical movement and more often than not, he will split the double team and make a play on the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage or in the backfield. His play strength in this regard is remarkable, as he’s able to even lose his technique somewhat and still remain resolute against two blockers.

If the OL do get some semblance of a seal on him at the line of scrimmage, the man releasing to the second level has to time it perfectly or Sweat will end up with a two-way go on the man left blocking him. He always has his eyes in the backfield to make a play on the ball carrier. He’s extremely tough to down block as he sees it coming and his sheer mass and play strength is very difficult to move for even the strongest OL matched up with him. Sometimes against trap blocks and vs gap runs where pullers overtake him, he can get pinned inside but it’s a huge compliment that you have to scheme so hard against him in the run game. Physically tough, competitive, and high motor.

Massive DT who won’t look out of place as a penetrating 3 tech as well as run-stuffing, two-gapping nose. Immoveable in the run game with some potential as a pass-rusher.

SR: 2 Sacks, 3 QB hits, 44 Total Tackles, 2 FF
JR: 4 QB hits, 33 total tackles

Athleticism 4
Intelligence 4
Versatility 5
Grit 5
Scheme 5

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