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Rams Reacts Survey Results: Fans wouldn’t mind a trade, if the right situation arose

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By: JasonDalessandro

Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Majority of fans are taking a wait and see approach when deciding if LA should trade their first-round pick

The Los Angeles Rams have a decision to make with their up-and-coming first-round pick. If nothing changes, LA will be making their first selection at 19th overall, but Les Snead and Head Coach Sean McVay have proven that they are not afraid to be aggressive if an opportunity arises.

It seems like the fan base is on board with that approach, with the majority saying “maybe” when asked if the Rams should trade their first pick. Based on the comments from the original survey, it doesn’t seem like many fans want Los Angeles to trade for a player or out of the first-round, but rather use the pick to potentially move up for a falling player or to move back in the first-round and amass some extra picks.

General Manager Les Snead, mentioned how the Rams may go about using 19th overall at his NFL Combine press conference, saying:

“As we continue going through this process of understanding the draft, who fits, who might be around us, that’s when you get into ‘hey at 19 is there an opportunity to move up for a specific player. If you do that, you’re giving up some picks behind you. And then there’s the trade off of moving back. What are we getting in return? And is it worth not picking at 19? Usually in these cases we may have a pod of players. ‘If one of those players get there, kind of like a dream 19 pick’. Then there’s gonna be I call it a ‘more realistic pod at 19’. Usually you get there and you usually figure out how many left are there on the board. Everybody’s stack is different, everybody’s board is different. But you’re probably talking about good football players.”

Snead and the Rams have a track record of moving off their first-round picks, as this will be their first selection in the NFL’s opening round since 2016 when they took QB Jared Goff, and the first time McVay will have a chance to draft a player in the top 32. Since 2017, LA has traded their first-rounder for a combination of proven veteran players, most notably former cornerback Jalen Ramsey and currently QB Matthew Stafford.

In the same press conference, Snead reiterated the Rams believe in being aggressive, and with a good amount of cap space and 10 picks currently slated in the draft, LA can be just that.

“Sean and I, at the core, we like to attack — we believe in being aggressive,” Snead said. “Hopefully, it’s not crazy. But I can say that Sean and I do have in our DNA an element of, you know, let’s call it, ‘We’re not going to be scared to try to go win a gold medal.’”

After last season’s “paying of the bill” offseason, where the Rams were cap strapped and unable to make many moves, 2024 should look vastly different, with Los Angeles primed for an exciting few months on the horizon.

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