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Random Ramsdom: Mike Florio asks if Aaron Donald would come back for the right price

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By: Daniel Stone

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Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 3/19/24

The news continues to come out about Aaron Donald and when he knew he was reitiring from the NFL. Talking head, Mike Florio, is processing the news like the rest of us and he wonders if there is a way for the Los Angeles Rams or another team to get AD to suit up at least one more season. Florio poses the idea that Donald may be willing to come back for the right price. What are your thoughts on that?

I am of the opinion that the Rams would’ve paid whatever AD wanted if he was truly willing to suit up one more time. I think for Donald he is ready to live his life without being double and triple teamed for portions of the year. I am guessing AD would like some more time for his family. It’s an interesting take by Florio and I can be wrong, but I think AD’s mind is made up.

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Aaron Donald told Sean McVay after playoff loss: “I’m full” (nbcsports)

“It’s fair to wonder whether an offer of significantly more than $30 million from the Rams or someone else would get Donald to change his mind. Maybe it would. Again, he had to tell the Rams he was retiring in 2022 to get his three-year, $95 million deal. With $65 million paid over two years and only $30 million left on the deal, it could be that Donald has simply decided that, for $30 million, he’s done. For $35 million or $40 million, maybe he wouldn’t be.

It’s not a leverage play per se. It’s reality. Given what he’s made and given what he’s worth, it’s not worth it to him to play for $30 million. So he walks away on his own terms, one of the few NFL players to earn the ability to do so.”

Report: White scheduled to visit Rams, Raiders (

“Former Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White has visits scheduled with the Los Angeles Rams and Las Vegas Raiders this week, sources told NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo.

A few other teams have expressed interest in the cover man, Garafolo adds.

The Bills released White earlier this week after seven seasons. The 29-year-old has made a pair of Pro Bowls and earned a first-team All-Pro nod in 2019. White is recovering from a torn Achilles that limited him to four games in 2023.

Injuries have hindered the LSU product for several seasons. He’s played in just 21 games over the last three seasons but has been productive when available. White racked up 311 total tackles, 18 interceptions, and 68 pass deflections in 82 career games.”

Albert Breer: Rams still logical landing spot for Zach Wilson after signing Jimmy Garoppolo (ramswire)

“According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, the Rams are still a logical landing spot for Zach Wilson, who’s expected to either be traded or cut by the Jets this offseason. In fact, Breer believes it could make even more sense now after the Rams signed Garoppolo, which would make Wilson the team’s No. 3 QB.

The Rams have been a logical landing spot for Jets QB Zach Wilson. I’d say maybe even more so now with Jimmy Garoppolo signed in Los Angeles. Wilson could use a reset, and to sit for a year, so going somewhere he’d be third string, would afford him such much-needed time. I’ve also heard his old OC from the Jets, Rams OC Mike LaFleur, would be very open to a reunion.

It’s easy to draw the connections between Wilson and the Rams. He needs to play in a quarterback-friendly offense, which Sean McVay’s scheme certainly is. He also has the mobility that McVay typically likes in a backup quarterback, allowing Wilson to extend plays when his first reads aren’t open.”

Random Fandom: Primer for Using NFL Draft Buzz Mock Draft Simulator (By RamsRoll on Mar 17, 2024)

“This Fanpost will give TST members some of my tips on how to best use NFL Draft Buzz Mock Draft Simulator and how to post your mock draft results on TST. Here’s a link for the site:

After you go to the site set your speed. I like 40 seconds. Next scroll down & click on the Rams. Then scroll back to the top & click on Enter Draft. A new screen will appear. NOTE the “Start” button is also the Pause button. Use the pause button to stop the draft when you want to trade up.

After you start the draft it will stop on 19 for the Rams 1st pick. If you wish to trade down you must click on the black box that says “make a trade.” You must first click on “add to trade” for #19 for the Rams. After you have done that a “trade value meter” will pop up. You must then click on “select team.” When you do that a box will pop up so you can scroll through & select the team you wish to trade with. I selected Eagles. Now you must click on the Eagles picks you wish to add to the trade. I selected 22, 98, 161, 171 & 172. The trade value meter says it’s a fair value trade. I have found that sometimes trades are accepted even though the needle is between the red & the orange. Now scroll up on the right side of the screen to find the black bow labeled “offer trade.” Click on it. A new box will pop up. Click on “decide.” A new orange box will pop indicating whether the trade was accepted or not. I then pick Chop Robinson at 22.”