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Random Ramsdom: Some potential prospects in the draft who could help replace AD

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By: Daniel Stone

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 3/18/24

The Los Angeles Rams lost one of the greatest players in their franchise history recently when Aaron Donald announced his retirement. It’s a huge loss for LA who will need to figure out how they can try to replace him. Do you have any ideas or any potential prospects you’d like to see the Rams add? You can read about some potential soluitons right here!

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5 prospects Rams could draft following Aaron Donald’s retirement (ramswire)

“As fans deal with the reality of such a departure, the Rams are now tasked with finding a replacement for Donald. Now the question becomes not only how do you replace such a player, but is what ways do you replace his production? Donald was a force up the middle but do you try to replace him, supplement Kobie Turner or go after an edge rusher? There are many questions to be answered but here are five defensive lineman who the Rams could draft to replace him.

1. Jer’Zhan Newton, DT, Illinois

This is the straight up selection. Newton is a menace in the middle who is the most Aaron Donald-like player in the draft. He is the clear number one defensive tackle in the draft and his playstyle is very similar to Donald.

Both players possess high motors, violent hands and an ability to reek havoc in the backfield. He’s a one on one merchant, requiring double teams thus opening up opportunities across the field. When paired with Kobie Turner, teams will have to worry about two young studs up the middle.”

Details of Darious Williams’ $30M contract show Rams got a bargain (ramswire)

“It sounds like an expensive contract on the surface, given the max value of it, but the Rams actually got a bargain. The full details of Williams’ deal have emerged, courtesy of Over The Cap, and it’s essentially a one-year deal worth $7 million.

That’s because he gets only $7 million guaranteed at signing and $15 million total guaranteed. His cap hits are as follows.

2024: $4.67 million

2025: $9.17 million

2026: $8.67 million

If the Rams cut Williams after the 2024 season, they’ll take on only $2.33 million in dead money and gain a net savings of $6.83 million in cap space in 2025. Add that $2.33 million to his $4.67 million cap hit in 2024 and you get $7 million, which isn’t very much for a starting cornerback.

Los Angeles Rams Hand Aaron Donald A Very Nice Retirement Package (lafbnetwork)

“According to Spotrac, the Rams are actually paying Donald a $13.8 million retirement bonus on his way out the door. The move transpired early this morning when the front office processed a salary conversion that likely leaves behind dead cap charges of $17 million in 2024 and $25.2 in 2025.

It’s a rare move to see a team pay a player despite his decision to leave. But this just shows how respected Donald was during his ten-year tenure with the Rams, and he’s earned every penny.”

Tanner Mordecai draft profile (By Ferragamo15 on Mar 17, 2024)

“Carson Wentz was the 2nd overall selection in the 2016 draft. For much of the 2017 season, he was considered to be an MVP candidate. Late in the regular season, he suffered a knee injury playing against the Rams. A couple of weeks after that game, Taylor Heinicke had a game in which he posted a QB rating higher than that of any season in Wentz’s career and higher than that of any season but one of Patrick Mahomes’s career. The age of Wentz was over and the dynastic rule of Heinicke had begun.

Okay, maybe that’s hyperbole and not exactly how the story goes. After all, Heinicke’s stat line from that game was one completion on one attempt for 10 yards. He had been in the NFL for 3 years at that point, but it was his first passing attempt. Oh, he also ran one time for 2 yards. And he took a sack. Still, extrapolated over a full season of Matthew Stafford attempts, it would translate to 521 completions on 521 attempts for 5,210 yards. We’re allowed to do that, right? A 100% completion rate is theoretically possible. The power of math.”