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Reacts Results: The first round is for other people

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By: Walker Clement

Photo by David Jensen/Getty Images

Fans are divided on what the Panthers should do in their near future

The Carolina Panthers are entering the 2024 NFL draft without a first round pick as a result of last year’s Scott-Fitterer-sinking trade with the Chicago Bears for the 2023 first overall pick. With first round picks being both a hugely valuable commodity for franchises who are rebuilding and an unending source of content for poor bloggers with little to talk about in the months of February, March, April, June, July, and August, we thought it would be relevant to ask y’all how you would feel about moving up into the first round this year.

Turns out, most of you don’t want to do it.

56% of fans are against moving into the first round of the 2024 NFL draft. That makes sense. The Panthers are widely considered to be in the situation that they are in because of repeatedly mortgaging their future to pay for a mythical present (or even past). The “let’s take our medicine this year” crowd has been growing since Marty Hurney was fired the first time.

The fun part of these results is the 42% portion of fans who want to trade current players to get a first round pick this season. We didn’t ask a second question this week, but if we had, the natural follow up would be who would you trade? I’m guessing ten percent of y’all would say Johnny Hekker or some other reasonable contributor, while the remaining 90% would be split between Brian Burns and Bryce Young. Most of that is just fantastical conjecture that would never happen, but I would be fascinated to know just how that 90% splits. Go ahead and jump in the comments below and tell us who you would trade for that all valuable first rounder.

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