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Rich Eisen misremembered Jared Goff’s first NFL start

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By: Daniel Stone

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What Rich Eisen accidentally got wrong about former Rams QB Jared Goff’s first start

On a recent Rich Eisen Show clip, Eisen is talking about the issues and challenges of developing quarterbacks in the NFL. During the discussion, and towards the end of the video, Eisen begins to talk about Jared Goff’s development with the Los Angeles Rams. The whole conversation is worth a watch/listen, however during Eisen’s train of thought he misremembers Goff’s very first start.

The clip itself is posted below and you can Jump to the 10 minute mark if you want to hear the words from the man himself.

On Goff’s first career start in the NFL Eisen says:

“Drafted first overall by the Rams, got thrown to the wolves in Jeff Fisher’s first season, after Fisher got fired as a matter of fact. As soon as Fisher got fired they put Jared Goff in for a first career start in Seattle. He got smoked I was there that day I thought he was gonna be…taken off on a stretcher. He did get some time in Los Angeles. Took them to a them to the Super Bowl, and wound up getting swapped out for Matthew Stafford…”

Eisen does get parts of the story correct. Goff did get his first career NFL start during what would become Fisher’s last year with the Rams, but Fisher was still the head coach at the time of Goff’s first start. And the game wasn’t against the Seattle Seahawks, it was against the Miami Dolphins. The Rams would lose the game 14-10. It was another low point for a franchise that at the time continued to sink lower and lower.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t blame Eisen for this mix up. The man has learned more and forgetten more football knowledge than I ever will. Goff’s first career start came in 2016 and for context, please do consider watching the brief clip below. That was almost 10 years ago and naturally so much has changed since then.

Imagine what 10 years from now might look like!?! The top players in the game will either be retired or considering retirement. New players were will be emerging. We just saw Aaron Donald retire. That wasn’t even a consideration back in 2016.

I suppose the takeaway is be patient with people because there is a lot of NFL information and it’s easy to get mixed up! I get my info mixed up all the time (and I do appreciate when people let me know in the comments!).

I’ll keep watching the Rich Eisen Show, and if he wants to talk to me about Goff’s first career start or anything NFL (or anything in general!) I hope I hear from his people. Until then, I’ll just have to make sure he is keeping his Ram’s facts correct from afar. Not that he needs me to.