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Saints fall back in multiple NFLPA survey categories

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By: Carson Caulfield

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NFLPA survey gives fans an interesting look into the satisfaction of NFL athletes.

The annual NFLPA survey gives fans an interesting insight into the life of NFL players and their overall satisfaction with their teams. As players become more inclined to hop from team to team, scoring well on the survey has become incredibly important.

NFL Player Team Report Cards 2024 | NFLPA

The New Orleans Saints scored fairly well in multiple categories but overall ranked 19th amongst all NFL teams in satisfaction. The team came in 10th place last season.

Here are how the players graded the organization in each category and how it ranked amongst all other NFL teams:

Treatment of Families: D+ 20th

Food/Cafeteria: F 30th

Nutritionist/Dietician: B- 22nd

Locker Room: B 12th

Training Room: B+ 4th

Training Staff: B 15th

Weight Room: B 14th

Strength Coaches: A- 14th

Team Travel: B 7th

Head Coach: B- 29th

Ownership: B+ 11th

The Saints were in the top ten for two categories: training room (4th) and team travel (7th). They ranked in the bottom ten in three categories: food/cafeteria (30th), nutritionist/dietician (22nd), and head coach (29th).

At the surface level, a “B-” grade for Dennis Allen is not too bad considering his questionable coaching over the past two seasons. Upon further inspection, that’s the fourth worst in the league.

One of New Orleans’ worst categories, as disgraceful to the culture as it may sound, was an F on “Food and Cafeteria.” However, it should be noted that the team’s cafeteria is currently under renovations this year.

The team’s largest grade decrease from 2023 was the “treatment of families” category. Last year, the team was graded a B+ (5th). This year, the team was graded a D+ (20th).

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