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Should the Rams target Jordan Morgan out of Arizona?

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By: JakeEllenbogen

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Another stud offensive tackle prospect in this class is Jordan Morgan: Consistent plug-and-play tackle

The Rams have a few offensive linemen that will hit free agency which leads to the belief they will likely draft more help in the trenches this April. Could the Arizona Wildcat Jordan Morgan be an option?

Morgan is a three-year starter from Arizona that is just 22 despite playing five seasons in college. He gave up 69 pressures and in his career but that was in a large bundle of 1,423 pass protection snaps. He only gave up two sacks this past year and was a big help in leading Arizona to a huge season.


Morgan had displayed great recovery after coming back from a late 2022 season ACL tear only to bounce back and put together another rock solid season in 2023 with no signs of setbacks. He had a tough time initially starting in 2021 but he has bounced back nicely and has grown along the way.

He’s very patient in his craft and he will snatch and direct any rusher right off their rush path. Morgan is explosive off the snap and has a very high motor. He displays good knee bend and pad level while being consistent in his approach and play.

The Wildcat tackle has a very quality body composition at 6-foot-6 and 320 pounds. He does a nice job in getting to the second level and is always looking for work in the run game even if he has completely taken out his assignment. He displays a great anchor in pass protection and when he sets his feet and anchor’s down he’s incredibly difficult to move.

Morgan is a very good athlete who has most of the things you need to play tackle at the NFL level. His footwork is very good for the position and it allows him to mirror incoming defenders well. His lateral agility is enough to allow him to be an absolute monster in the run game.


The big issue with Morgan is that he doesn’t have the desired arm length which means his margin for error is very small. It essentially makes his life more difficult than others. His torn ACL will still be considered a weakness and a negative for future teams. It’s not to say Morgan will ever have to worry about an ACL or not but teams investing a potential day one or two pick will want to make sure he’s not potentially injury prone.

One thing I picked up on film is how Morgan will get lost when the backfield gets chaotic. Essentially, blitzes, stunts and stutters can trip him up and freeze him where he stands. His hand technique needs more work for sure and he’s inconsistent with where he puts his hands. This may seem picky but it matters even more considering Morgan is at a disadvantage already with his arm length.

Morgan is close to what you would call the jack of all trades but the master of none. That’s what someone might call a weakness in the fact he isn’t elite anything. Insider maneuvers are his worst nightmare and he really needs to get better versus the inside rush. He will need to stop over-committing in his pass sets.

Does he make sense for the Rams?

The Rams in my opinion could use a left tackle and potentially a right tackle down the road when Rob Havenstein starts to fall off. Morgan is a very quality prospect who has a high floor and a decently high ceiling. He didn’t lose anything coming off the ACL tear which makes me excited for him since he’s essentially the same exact player after a devastating injury he was before it.

If you draft Morgan you have to know he’s not a perfect prospect but he offers a lot of things at a high enough level to have no issues. Morgan is likely a mid-second round pick who could be there at the 51st-overall selection the Rams make on day two of the draft.

I think Morgan makes sense for the Rams because he has 37 starts under his belt, he has a great body composition for what they look for and he’s consistent. To assume Alaric Jackson signs a long-term deal after likely being tagged wouldn’t be the smarted thing. With that said Morgan has what it takes to push Jackson for the starting left tackle job and perhaps become the long-term franchise right tackle when Havenstein leaves the organization.