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The Rams may have biggest advantage at wide receiver going into the draft

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By: Daniel Stone

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Cooper Kupp is already extended, Puka Nacua is on a rookie deal, what NFL team has it better with their wide receiver group?

The Los Angeles Rams had an absolute stud at their wide reciever position last year. It wasn’t former Super Bowl MVP and champion, Cooper Kupp. It was former fifth round pick, Puca Nakua. We can get into a debate about which team has the most skilled wide receivers, but do the Rams have the biggest advantage at the position going into the upcoming NFL Draft? When constructing an NFL roster it’s not soley about talent. Cost effectiveness is huge factor too.

NFL Combine - Day 2

You may be thinking that the Minnesota Vikings have the best receiver group in the league because they have Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison. You may be right, but the Vikings need to figure out how they can pay Jefferson while also paying enough players around him to make a run at the title.

Maybe you think the Miami Dolphins have the best duo at wide reciever in the league with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. Hill is a top paid player in the league and Waddle’s deal will be coming due. Will the Dolphins be able to afford both? They need to figure it out sooner than later.

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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The one team that does come to mind who actually may be able to stack up to the Rams with their receivers and cost effectiveness would be the Seattle Seahawks. They have DK Metcalf under contract, Tyler Lockett under contract, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba, who had a solid rookie season of his own, going into the second year of his first contract.

Stacked against the teams above, in terms of both skill and money at the wide receiver position, the Rams still may be on top. They have Kupp, former triple crown winner, extended. Nacua, perhaps the best bargain in all the NFL, is going on year two of his rookie contract. LA was able to re-sign Demarcus Robinson for another year. They still have former 2nd round pick Tutu Atwell. The Rams can look to add another receiver in the draft, or perhaps there is a free agent they want to make a run at.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Rams
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As it stands, there is an argument to be made that the Rams have the biggest advantage at the position in all of the NFL. Go through team by team. Debate the skill of each group or who is overpaid vs underpaid, but what other team has a former Super Bowl MVP and perhaps the best rookie WR we have ever seen on their roster? I believe only the Rams check both boxes.

Kupp could take a step back. He may never have another season close to the triple crown year that he put up (some have wondered if he should be traded). I would argue Kupp just needs to the help the Rams win. Whether that’s him putting up 100 yards or blocking all game. All that matters to this Ram’s team is winning. You can say we are overpaying Kupp, but I would argue part of his extension is what he did for the Rams, and not all about what he is going to do. You can disagree with me. You can say Snead shouldn’t have made the extension.

Nacua has an opportunity to build upon his year one. Does he take a step back? Will he ever have as good a season as he did his rookie year? Great questions. Regardless, going into this season is their another second year wide reciever you’d want to have on your roster more than Puka?

If the Rams can get some contributions from Robinson (which they did when they really started using him last year), and some plays by Atwell and the rest, then what team going into the draft has a better wide receiver corps? Again, think about skill level and cost effectiveness.

With a player like Marvin Harrinson Jr. available on draft day the calculus can change overnight.

By this time next year we may even see some player who has usurped Nacua as the best WR going into their second season. The Rams could make some blockbuster trade and have a different group. However at it stands right now, and going into this draft in 2024, which team has a bigger advantage at wide receiver than the Rams? I am not sure another team does.