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Trent Brown excelled in a stat that should improve the Bengals’ protection greatly

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The Bengals’ pass protection should be better in 2023, especially with Trent Brown’s strength in a key stat.

The Cincinnati Bengals run an offense that can be very hard on their offensive line.

Frequently, the Bengals will have four or five players running routes, this means that their offensive tackles have to survive on an island.

In 2023, Jonah Williams did solid on an island, but he struggled in 2022, and the Bengals needed to add someone to take his place and someone who could do well on an island.

In good news for the Bengals, their newest addition at right tackle, Trent Brown, should be a good replacement for Jonah Williams. Brown may even be an upgrade in terms of island pass-blocking over Williams.

Among left tackles, Brown faced 1-on-1 pass block sets at the highest rate in the league at 88%. On those snaps, he had the second-lowest pressure rate in the league among left tackles at only 7.1%.

In comparison, Jonah Williams had a 7.8% pressure rate in his 1-on-1 snaps.

If the Bengals can get a motivated Brown to play like he did last season for the Patriots, they should see little, if any drop-off at right tackle. The Bengals also likely will be looking to lower the amount of island pass sets for their offensive tackles with a hopefully healthy Burrow able to run more of the under-center offense that they used with Jake Browning.

Combining the more shotgun 5-wide approach with some under-center play action should help the Bengals’ o-line and make the offense more explosive. For snaps when the tackles are still on an island, though, Brown should be a big help.

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