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What Do We Think of Ravens’ 2024 Schedule?

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By: RSR Staff

The NFL released the full 2024 schedule on Wednesday evening. You can see the Ravens’ schedule here.

We already knew the who & where. Now that we know the when, what do we think?

Darin McCann

My first thought is that the Ravens are looking at what appears to be a tough five-game stretch to start the season, with matchups against Kansas City, Dallas, Buffalo and Cincinnati surrounding a Week 2 game against the Raiders. Finish that stretch 3-2 and there’s a reasonable path to 7-2.

A second straight Christmas game on the road has to have been met with a few groans in the locker room, but it speaks highly of this team’s national marketing power.

You never know how these matchups will look as the season develops, but it looks like a tough slate, featuring a stretch of three games in 10 days in Weeks 15-17.

The Ravens will face some challenges, but I’m guessing g they’ll be providing a few challenges to their opponents, as well.

Rob Shields

First thoughts are it’s a very tough opening five games to start the season and they have another late bye, which is both a blessing and a curse.

They have five prime time games but only two are at home and of course, no MNF at home, which is the usual for this franchise. I do like that, other than the opener, their Thursday game is at home against Cincinnati and the Ravens are home the game before, so no extra travel there.

I like starting off with KC. Rice could be out and their new weapons won’t be as acclimated, not to mention that’s a timing offense and they’re always a team that starts a little slow before turning it on when they need to.

It’s a tough schedule and I’d be surprised to see Baltimore win more than 12 games. I think 10 or 11 is more likely.

Kevin McNelis

As with any schedule release, you take the good with the bad, because it was never going to be laid out in a perfect way. The opening stretch of the schedule, particularly Weeks 3 to 5, are pretty rough, and the back-to-back road games against the Steelers followed by a long trip to LA could present some challenges, but overall, I’m confident in how they can set themselves up with a strong start. Getting both games against Cincy over with by Week 11 will be nice. The biggest thing that’ll stick in the Flock’s craw about this is the 10-day schedule with three games, capped off by another Christmas Day game on the road against a legitimately good Texans team.

We know the road ahead. Let’s get to it.

Nikhil Mehta

I see 10-12 wins on the Ravens’ 2024 schedule, depending on how they handle the DAL-CLE-CIN, CIN-PIT-LAC-PHI, and PIT-HOU-CLE stretches. If they can take two out of each of those, they should be in contention for the top seed. But multiple losses in each of those periods will have them fighting not just for the division, but for a playoff spot at all. The Ravens will also once again have to slog through double-digit games before getting to the bye, but have two Thursday-Sunday and two Sunday-Monday stretches for a bit of extra rest.

The Ravens continue to be a national attraction, adding replacing one household name with another with Derrick Henry after the departure of Odell Beckham, Jr.

Lamar Jackson has plenty of high-profile QB duels on the docket – Mahomes, Burrow, Allen, Stroud, Herbert plus rookie Jayden Daniels – but those will really be showcases for Zach Orr and his new defense. Jackson actually has an easier slate; the Ravens are facing some good defenses, but no team or scheme Jackson has struggled with in the past.

Tanner George

Today, for me at least, marks the beginning of the 2024-25 season. With the schedule layed out, Draft over with, and free agency pretty much dried up, the last year is firmly in the rearview mirror. Overall, I was pretty happy with how the Ravens’ schedule shook out, and here are a couple takes after a first glance:

  1. An early chance to exorcise the demons. The Ravens will watch the Chiefs raise their Super Bowl banner before the league opener, and the stakes will be sky-high for Baltimore. If KC loses, it really doesn’t mean anything to them; they reach a whole other level in the playoffs. But, if the Ravens lose, they have to fight a massive mental battle the rest of the way. I like getting a shot at the Chiefs this early. The Ravens typically start fast, while Kansas City tends to start slow. If they play it right, the Ravens have a really solid chance of coming away with a win. Motivation will be through the roof.
  2. General weirdness. The Ravens have 7 Sundays off. That’s just… weird. It’ll be interesting to see how the coaching staff adjusts to this. I do like how the Ravens essentially get four bye weeks (the actual bye and three mini byes): after Week 1 (TNF at KC), after Week 7 (TNF vs CIN), Week 14 (the real bye), and after Week 17 (Christmas at HOU). Hypothetically, if they lock up the #1 seed in the AFC by then, the Ravens could have the mini-bye, Week 18 off, and then the first-round playoff bye before returning to the field. Rust could start to creep in, but that didn’t seem to be an issue last year.
  3. Balance. I am a huge fan of the balance the Ravens have this year. They don’t ever play more than two consecutive away games, which is very encouraging. The late bye week is a big favor for a team with Super Bowl hopes; while some may say it’s too late, it’s much better than the Eagles who, unless they secure the #1 seed in the NFC, would play every single week from Week 5 to the conference championship. Brutal.

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