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Brady Discusses His NFL Future On His Podcast

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By: Scott Reynolds

On the latest edition of the “Let’s Go!” podcast with Tom Brady, Jim Gray and Larry Fitzgerald on SiriusXM radio, Tampa Bay’s quarterback was asked about his future in the NFL and if he was going to return for a 24th season. Brady, who has quarterbacked the Bucs for the past three seasons laughed about Gray’s query about what the future holds.

“Tom, you’re leaving everybody guessing,” Gray said. “You’ve said you’ll take your time. Do you have any type of a timetable as to what you might want to do regarding your football career?”

“Jim, if I knew I was gonna f*cking do, I’d have already f*cking done it. Okay?” Brady said in a somewhat joking manner. “I’m taking it a day at a time.”

“I sense you’re antagonized by the question,” Gray said in reply. “It’s only the question that everybody wants to hear.”

“I appreciate you asking,” Brady said with a laugh, “Thank you.”

That answer is right in line with what he said after the Bucs’ 31-14 loss to the Cowboys in last week’s Wild Card playoff game.

“I’m going to go home and get a good night’s sleep, as good as I can tonight,” Brady said when asked about what his process would be in deciding his football future. “[There] has been a lot of focus on this game, so yeah. It’s just been one day at a time – truly.”

Did Brady Say Goodbye To The Bucs?

Bucs QB Tom Brady – Photo by: USA Today

Brady also took the time to thank the media, especially the local Tampa Bay media and Bucs beat writers, for their coverage this past season.

“I just want to say thank you guys for everything this year,” Brady said. “I really appreciate all of your effort and I know it’s hard for you guys, too. It’s hard for us players to make it through and you guys have a tough job. I appreciate all you guys do to cover us and everyone who watches and [is] a big fan of the sport, we’re very grateful for everyone’s support. Hopefully… I love this organization, it’s a great place to be. Thank you everybody for welcoming me – all you regulars – and just very grateful for the respect and hope I gave the same thing back to guys, so thank you very much. Appreciate it.”

Was that his goodbye to the media in Tampa Bay because he is planning on retiring or moving on in free agency? Or was it just Brady covering his bases in case he decides to, but isn’t sure?

Only time will tell.

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