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Houston Texans Accidentally Defeat Tennessee Titans

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By: Mike Bullock

Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Teams gets “strong” at the wrong time…

It’s always a good week when the Houston Texans beat the Tennessee Titans.


Unfortunately, that win put them only one game ahead of the Chicago Bears in the 2023 NFL draft order. And, the Bears are likely not winning another game this year.

Knocking the Not-The-Oilers down a peg also helps the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are well positioned to win the AFC South for the first time since… whenever they won it last… yesteryear? The Days of Yore? A Long Time Ago in a Division Far, Far Away?


The players and coaches seem to believe this win is a spark, a turning point, a pivot on the route tree that takes them from zeroes to heroes.

“Finishing stron[g]… that’s what we’re doing now.”


Someone on Twitter said “it would be the most Texans thing ever to tank all this time, just to blow the #1 pick in the draft in final weeks…”


With games against the Jaguars and Indianapolis Colts, two teams just as likely to lose on any given weekend, the Texans actually could end the year with four wins, effectively falling clean out of the #1 pick.

In fact, based on tie breakers and such, Nick Caserio’s boys could fall all the way to #5…

And, yes, that would be the most Texans thing ever…

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