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Houston Texans: Listen to Seth Payne and Hire Demeco Ryans

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By: Mike Bullock

Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Former player drops wisdom like Solomon .

For the most part, former Houston Texans inside linebacker turned San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Demeco Ryans has been a fan favorite to land the head coaching gig for H-Town football. While a lot of it is tied to the nostalgia of great memories generated from his playing days alongside Brian Cushing, J.J. Watt and other Texans greats, where there’s smoke, as they say.

The ‘net has been filled with op-eds, supposed scoops, hawt takez, and a wide variety of other “reasons” to persuade the football fates to weave Ryans back into Houston. Along the way, some has been total wishful thinking, while others have very sound reasoning.

Enter former Texans defender turned local radio personality, and all around great guy Seth Payne.

If you have a few minutes, seriously even if you don’t, watch Seth’s video.

Far too many people either don’t understand what true leadership is, or value the impact it has on any organization. All the resume bullet points, collective stats, pitstops on the career superhighway and so forth mean jack squat if a coach isn’t a leader of men.

Multimillionaire athletes do not follow coaching resumes. They don’t follow experience. They don’t follow coaching trees/lineage.

They follow leaders.

Vince Lombardi. Al Davis. Chuck Noll. Bum Phillips. Bill Parcells. Bill Belichick.

All leaders of men.

Demeco Ryans is a leader of men.

Cal McNair is not. However, Cal is in the unique position to bring in a familar leader who can do great things to not only repair this franchise’s reputation, but turn it around and make it a legit contender.

Now, there are some roadblocks. Most notably, would Ryans want to coach here? If he wasn’t at least open to the idea, he likely wouldn’t have interviewed in the first place.

So, assuming Ryans is open to taking the reins of the Texans. What’s next?

Now, if this doesn’t work out for Nick Caserio and crew, and Ryans goes elsewhere, it’s not the end of the world. Jonathan Gannon is a serious contender in his own right. His Philadelphia Eagles defense is seriously formidable.

But, Gannon won’t re-ignite a smoldering fanbase the way Ryans will. She won’t immediately spike merchandise and ticket sales. He won’t paint the town battle red overnight.

Ryans will.

Now, if J.J. Watt could convince Cal McNair to let him out of his contract so he could simply walk away, does Watt’s endorsement of a head coaching candidate have some pull? Sure hope so!

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