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Future Hogs – Week 11: A look at college football players who could help the Washington Commanders

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By: dg28

Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The top teams in college football held serve in Week 11, but it wasn’t easy for some. Sure, Ohio State handled Michigan State, Georgia punished Ole Miss, and a late rally from USC made their loss look much closer. But, Florida State had to contend with Miami for all four quarters to avoid a home loss. Trailing at halftime, Washington pitched a shutout to avoid being the next Pac-12 leader to lose to Utah. Texas went up big early against TCU, but squeaked by with a three-point victory.

The big matchup of Week 12 will be Washington and their vaunted offense versus Oregon State and their stingy defense. Georgia will look to stay undefeated against Tennessee, who will be looking to bounce back from a loss to Missouri. Arizona will look to keep its chances of a Pac-12 Championship Game alive in a defensive battle against Utah. Although neither has much to play for other than bragging rights, UCLA versus USC is always an exciting game.

Below are just a few players who had good weeks and might be able to help improve the Commanders’ roster. Let me know what you think of these prospects and feel free to post players that stood out to you.

DeQuan Finn, QB, Toledo

LSU’s Jayden Daniels had 327 passing yards, three passing TDs, 234 rushing yards, and two TDs on the ground in a win over Florida. Even with these stats, DeQuan Finn had a better QBR than Daniels. Where Daniels is likely to be an early pick in the upcoming draft, Finn will probably have to wait to hear his name called if the junior declares this year. Both Daniels and Finn are big arm quarterbacks that can push the ball downfield and explosive playmakers on the ground. Finn needs to improve his consistency as a passer; he has games where he can’t miss a throw and others where he struggles with his accuracy. Against Eastern Michigan, Finn completed 23 of 27 passes for three touchdowns and 407 yards and only one pick.

RJ Harvey, RB, UCF

Washington has big, bruising backs in Brian Robinson, Jr. and Chris Rodriguez. Even Antonio Gibson, who has 4.3 speed, is 225 lbs. Adding more explosiveness isn’t a bad idea, especially if Gibson leaves in free agency. RJ Harvey is smaller than the Commanders’ current RBs at 5’9”, 205, but he has speed to break off long runs. He also has good contact balance and some elusiveness in the open field. He had 206 yards on 24 carries and three touchdowns in a rout of Oklahoma State.

Drake Stoops, WR, Oklahoma

Drake Stoops is not the fastest or biggest receiver at only 5’10” and 189 lbs, but is tough and gives 100 percent on every play. My guess is some of that is a desire to be from under the shadow of his dad, former Sooners coach Bob Stoops. He strikes me as a quicker than fast guy who might make a living as a WR3 that does work in the slot. His ten catches for 164 yards and three touchdowns is a big reason why Oklahoma topped West Virginia.

Dallin Holker, TE, Colorado State

Dallin Holker caught my attention after his monster game against Colorado where he had over 100 yards and two TDs. What stands out to me about the 6’4”, 235 lb junior are his hands. He’s made highlight reel catches all year long. If you put the ball near him, he’s likely to come down with it. He may not be the best blocker, but he will give his best effort. In a win over San Diego State, Holker had six catches for 57 yards and a rushing TD.

Kiran Amegadije, OT, Yale

Each year, there seems to be a handful of draftable prospects from the Ivy League. This year, senior Kiran Amegadije should be in that group. At 6’5”, 326 lbs, he has excellent size and length. He is quick on his feet with good lateral agility. In the run game, his leg drive and power is noticeable. Maybe it’s the blue and white uniforms, but he’s like the FCS version of Olu Fashanu. There will be questions about his level of competition, so my hope is he looks as good during post-season all-star games and through the draft process. Amegadije is #72, playing left tackle.

Darius Robinson, DE, Missouri

At 6’5”, 296 lbs, Darius Robinson is not built like your typical 4-3 defensive end. He’s not going to beat a lot of offensive linemen with speed, but he is powerful and uses his length to stay clear of blockers and find the ball. He’s had a sack in each of the last six games for the Tigers, including a win last weekend over Tennessee.

Edgerrin Cooper, LB, Texas A&M

Based on the recommendation of several Hogs Haven faithful, I finally watched junior linebacker Edgerrin Cooper. What stood out right away was his explosiveness. When he sees a play developing, he trusts his eyes and gets there in a hurry. When he gets there, he is going to make the tackle, if not lay a big hit. I don’t know about his coverage abilities in man, but he would be an asset covering the flat and shallow area of the field. Cooper tied a season-high for tackles with 11 in a win over Mississippi State.

Max Melton, CB, Rutgers

Max Melton is trying to follow in the footsteps of his brother, wide receiver Bo who was drafted in 2023. The 6’, 190 lb junior has a good chance of that because he is a steady force at corner for the Scarlett Knights. He plays with good awareness in zone and has the athleticism to cover most wide receivers in man. Against Iowa, Melton had three tackles – one for a loss – two PBUs, and an interception.

Kitan Oladapo, S, Oregon State

Oregon State is having a really good season and a lot that is because of the play of their defense. Senior Kitan Oladapo is a bit of a chess piece for the Beavers. He is valuable playing near the line of scrimmage because of his ability to beat blockers to the ball. He isn’t shy about laying a hit either. In coverage, his ability to stay in phase with receivers is impressive. Add to that his ability to turn and look for the ball and he should be a highly-coveted prospect in the draft. He had two tackles, a PBU, and two interceptions in a win over Stanford.

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