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No chance of overseas game for Vikings in 2023

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By: Christopher Gates

Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

They don’t play any of the host teams on the road

This past season saw the Minnesota Vikings get the opportunity to take part in the NFL International Series, as they traveled to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London to take on the New Orleans Saints, a game that saw them win another thriller.

If overseas Vikings fans are hoping to see the purple live, they’re going to have to wait until at least 2024 in order for it to happen.

Earlier this week, the NFL announced the five “host” teams for the 2023 International Series games, three of which will take place in the United Kindgom and two of which will take place in Germany. Those five host teams are all AFC squads. They are:

  • Buffalo Bills
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • New England Patriots
  • Tennessee Titans

The International Series games are counted as home games for the host team, much like last year’s game was for New Orleans. The only one of the five host teams that the Vikings are scheduled to face in 2023 is the Chiefs, and that game is slated for U.S. Bank Stadium. That means that there’s no chance of the Vikings returning overseas this coming season.

I know that people have mixed feelings about the International Series games and I know they’re a bit of an inconvenience for fans on this side of the pond. However, the games have been pretty successful and aren’t going to be going away any time soon, so we probably need to get used to the idea of having them each season.

For next season, however, all of the Vikings’ games will start at the more traditional times and will all be taking place on American soil.

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